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Rust Mega Thread - Let me know what you think


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So I'm a bit rutsy when it comes to the most recent updates of rust I have over 1600 hours since release date and would say I have a rough idea of what GCG is leaning towards for its servers. While not currently live, GCG has plans to create between 3-7 rust servers in the early 2021 timeline and we NEED your help!

GhostCap and Rust

With the adoption of electricity, helicopters big and small, horses and yes, facial hair, Rust has been constantly under development while almost always being a polished playable experience. So, here's how GCG fits into all of this. We will start with servers hosted in both Australia, Singapore and potentially the Philippines to allow for the best chance of low ping with all playing. Purchasing essential mods such as "Rust Admin" to help support 24/7 monitoring and a very strict stance on hacking. 


While being a competitive game, Rust thankfully has had many years to decide what actions should be client or server-side. As a consequence of this, it is still able to play confidently and comfortably with 100+ ping (In milliseconds). With this in mind, we will be placing servers in specific locations as to reach the most players while still remaining around 100 Ping. As for all of our servers we have made it a requirement that we support gigabit upload speeds, DDOS protection, FastDL, Etc. 

Rust Server Ideas

While this list will consist of currently 3 of our most supported ideas we are open for discussion and other ideas. Let us know! 

  1. Daily Wipe Afterwork/ school Rust (3x -5x, No BP, Starter Kit, NO VIP, Small Map)
  2. Vanilla 3x weekly wipe (No BP, Medium Map, NO VIP)
  3. Modded 5x weekly wipe (BP Bi-weekly Wipe, Starter Kit Daily, NO VIP, Large Map, 30 second teleport, 2X Airdrop rate)

We would love to get any and all feedback so let us know what other ideas you might have for our servers and if you would like to become an admin for one or more of our servers we are always looking at expanding our team! 

What To Expect

While the community of GCG has been around for a few years it has only recently (As of this post) become an idea of ours to host a few game servers for Rust. We are always open to new and different ideas so let us know as a reply to this post or even a new topic what you would like to see, do or experience within the Rust community. 

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