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Vote For The Best ZE SMG  

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  1. 1. The Best SMG in GCG ZE

    • MAC-10
    • UMP-46
    • MP9
    • MP7
    • MP5SD
    • PP-19 Bizon
    • P90

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In my opinion mp9 and Mac-10 is the best SMG for ZE, but i prefer Mac-10 because it's cheaper and the recoil is easier to control, also the mobility is pretty good for the overdefender tho the dps is not as good as mp9, bizon and p90 also good smg for ze but the reaload time is kinda slower than those 2 smgs and the rebuy price also quite expensive.

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probably, for me is mp9, with a fast dps and a decent time on reload just that the recoil is a bit too strong but its still the best smg for me. Also bizon, which is good for defend has almost no recoil for me but slower reload and slower dps.

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For me the main attributes i look for in an smg is good reload speed, movement speed and knockback (although it's irrelevant now since they all have the same kb)

*bullets per minute might not be accurate

My smg ranking
1. Mp9 (240 movement speed, 857 ROF, 2.1 seconds reload, 597 BPM)

2. Mac10 (240 movement speed, 800 ROF, 2.6 seconds reload, 532 BPM)

3. Bizon (240 movement speed, 750 ROF, 2.5 seconds reload, 498 BPM)

4. P90 (230 movement speed, 857 ROF, 3.4 seconds reload, 503 BPM)

5. Mp5 (235 movement speed, 750 ROF, 3 seconds reload, 488 BPM)

6. Mp7 (220 movement speed, 750 ROF, 3.15 seconds reload, 477 BPM)

7. Ump (230 movement speed, 667 ROF, 3.5 seconds reload, 426 BPM)

I wrote all this because im bored ?

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