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cant conect server from Sayu ^

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9 minutes ago, meowko said:

Có khả năng bạn bị Eban vì trolling hoặc sử dụng sai mục đích trên một số bản đồ, vui lòng chuyển đến phần phụ "Cấm khiếu nại" để có cơ hội được bỏ cấm

no i cant conect server get baned form no resion bro i didnt play server today and i get eban lol


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Hello Sayu,

eban is entwatch ban, it means you can't use items.
ban means you can't join the server.

i can't find your account on sourcebans, which means you are not banned and i already saw you on the server anyways

next time you can't join the server, please leave a screenshot or show more detail as it might have been just a network issue on your side.


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