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[GUIDE] How to earn Credits in GCG Zombie Escape server.


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1. What are "credits" and what are they used for?

Credits are a currency used in most CSGO servers. They are used to purchase custom modded items in the server's !shop such as:

  • Playermodel skins and accessories
  • Weapon and grenade skins*
  • Custom sprays*
  • Chat tags*
  • Pets*
  • Other fun stuff that I couldn't remember to list them here.

* : Currently not available in Zombie Escape

2. How do I earn credits?

You'll need to join the Ghostcap Gaming Steam Group in order to begin earning credits on the servers.
Join the Steam group here: 

Here are multiple ways to earn credits in the Ghostcap Gaming Zombie Escape servers:

  • Adding "ghostcap.com" to your Steam name
    By adding "ghostcap.com" to your Steam name, you'll be earning 1-2 credits and exp per minute! (x2 if you play during 12 A.M - 6 A.M everyday or on Mondays - Singapore Time GMT+8)

    Step 1: click on "edit profile"

    Step 2: find your "profile name" in the General tab and add "ghostcap.com" to your Steam name

    Step 3: Click "save"


    NOTE: DO NOT try and anti-afk in the server to earn credits. You'll be punished if you do so.
  • Opening daily and monthly cases on stats.ghostcap.com
    You can open daily and monthly cases on stats.ghostcap.com. You can learn more about it by reading this forum post here: 
  • Doing !daily in the Zombie Escape server
    You can get "!daily" credits by playing in the zombie escape server for 30 minutes. You can get these credits by typing "!daily" into the chat box and you can earn more by doing it every day in a row. You can earn 100 credits a day and up to 2800 credits a week. After day 7, the streak resets back to day 1.

    Day 1: 100 credits
    Day 2: 200 credits
    Day 3: 300 credits
    Day 4: 400 credits
    Day 5: 500 credits
    Day 6: 600 credits
    Day 7: 700 credits

  • Joining events on Zombie Escape
    Occasionally, Ghostcap Gaming admins will host events for players to join and have fun.  These events will have prizes like skins, credits, etc. Learn more about events by joining the Ghostcap Gaming discord server:

    spacer.png  (this is an old event post ?)
  • Hunting bounties
    You can set bounties on other players for other people to hunt and get the credits. You get the bounty credits by successfully killing the bounty target (bounty targets have a volume icon above their head.
    Be careful though, other people can set bounties on you too! But don't worry, you won't lose anything ?

    (The red outline + tracer is a Leader's Outline. It's not related to the bounty feature)


3. What to do if you have too many "credits"?
You can either gamble it away or be a nice guy and start a roll for people on the server to get credits. To do a roll, simply type "!roll" in the chat and follow the instructions or you can do it in "!shop" (press "3. Functions" and press "3. Start a roll")
You can also win credits by entering someone else's roll ?


NOTE: 25 players need to enter the roll for it to start.


That's all for now. If there're any new ways to earn credits, I'll edit this post.
Good luck, have fun on the server and have a nice day. ? 

Kristian Nowak - Bing Chilling - KKBOX

(Also stop asking if you can buy VIP in the server. YOU CAN'T BUY VIP BECAUSE THERE IS NONE)

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