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[Suggestion] add dance music settings


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3 hours ago, Strikefire said:

yesterday there's some people that complaining about the dance music is so loud even force the player that dancing to stop or report players. Maybe if you can add settings for dance music so it will not disturbing other players but if you can't, it's ok.

As it's a private plugin we can't really make adjustments to it. 

Its odd its that loud. Normally the more people are around, the softer the music is. Are you sure these people were not confused with the map music?

We also didn't get any reports either. 

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well for me that's odd too, it should be not that loud but i don't know why it's loud for them and that time we play zm map and no map music. also when he say about report players i think that just as a threat for people that dancing at that time. well i hope something like this not happening again like people complain about dance music.

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