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It's Bender.


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Hey guys, 

I'm Bender and I have been apart of the community since the 25th of January 2015. I joined the community the same way most people who joined the community around that time did; through Planetside 2. 
I'm not too active within the community currently however I am still known to drop by from time to time to catch up with community members I am more familiar with. I'm probably most known within the community for things that are better left unsaid so I'll leave that for a story to be told another time. I was also the prime instigator of the "McNugget War of 2018".

Unfortunately the wallet can only afford so many nuggets...

I attended the RIP Ascendancy Community Meet up in 2016 and have met majority of the founding members personally. Needless to say that they're all taller than me. 

These days I spend my time playing Planetside 2 and Mech-Warrior Online with competitively experienced outfits respectively. I do tend to gravitate more around FPS and RTS styled games whilst dabbling in MOBAs (LoL) and MMORPGs (FF:XIV) on the rare occasion.

I look forward to meeting you and if I have already met you then chances are it's about time we caught up again and I will certainly be looking forward to that. 



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