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Ghostcap Gaming Stat Tracker Not updating

Mike Wazoski

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As the title says, the Website Ghostcap Gaming Stat tracker are not updating, i can see it with the difference in my steam name

My Name on website Stat Tracker:


My Current name on steam:



And, when i claimed the 2 prizes on cases, it didnt give my anything

The most recent Case i opened is like 4 AM GMT+8 20/2/2021 you can convert into your timezone and see if i opened recently

And when i Open my case, It didnt show up on the discord Ghostcap channel #csgo (you can see the time when they chat)

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Are you activating the items? You don't get a message in discord for activating the items, only pulling the items from a chest. 

Try log out and log back in. Also make sure its the correct steam account. 

Also if you're activating credits while the server is restarting, then they wont count. 

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