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Balance suggestions + other suggestions


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- lower knockback 

The knockback is too high not much to explain there - if a counter argument is that the server is new so players don't defend, well this is a great way make sure people learn

- remove freeze grenades 

These are very unbalanced, can break maps and the effect covers the whole screen

- nerf the other nades

I believe they are he and molotov grenades. They slow zombies heaps and limit stamina so that it's really hard to jump, I was spamming jump for a period of roughly 10 seconds and couldn't leave the ground at one part, the stamina is especially the problem

- allowing people to hide player/nade tracers

This isn't a big deal, I know !settings allows you to hide some tracers, but after doing this I still saw player and nade trails, maybe my settings reset but I'm not a fan of seeing rainbow trails and things - if you can hide these things or my settings resetting was the issue please let me know! Also if there's a way to not see the freeze grenade effect as a zm please let me know ( but I hope these get removed entirely). 

- buff bhopping slightly

Bhopping felt a bit slow compared to other servers - sure this isn't like other servers, but bhop buffs will give zombies more of a chance and make being a human a bit more fun. I'm not suggesting huge buffs but as a zombie I felt pretty useless at times. 


The server is doing surprisingly well with a really active and loyal player-base bravo on that, but these are just some suggestions that if implemented would make my experience more enjoyable, thanks for reading. 



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well its 2 months ish server , considered it will not applied soon or sudden reduce kb , it will be reduce the kb slowly overtime ofc , and some settings aren't stay like that forever it will changed eventually , hopefully we get 64/64 daily then this might considered , cheers thanks for the feedback ?

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