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eyow I'm Epicalyx :V


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Eyow! What's up everyone my name is Epicalyx I joined this community because of ZE mode and I discovered the server a few many months ago I can't remember exactly when I first joined, All I remember is I read the server name and it has a "Monke" named in it which made me curious what is in the server so i clicked it and i found out that Humans returned to Monke :V

I discovered ZE,ZS or ZM mode on YouTube back in 2008 I used to watch a lot of CSS Zombie Modes during that time, The first time i actually got to play CSS Zombie Mode was in year 2012 the first map i ever played is Jurassic Park

Aside from CSGO i also play Genshin Impact, Punishing Gray Raven(On Emulator), GTA V, and Valorant etc etc.


Thank you for viewing this short Introduction of mine 






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Welcome and thanks for joining in Ghostcap! Feel free to hang around in our Discord server as we have some channels there with other games and also our CSGO servers. Have fun!

Captain America Marvel GIF by Nerdist.com

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