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Hi, I'm an autistic, mic spamming retard!


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Hi there,

I'm an autistic retard with anger issues and Tourette's. I'm a perfectionist with horrible OCD. I started mapping for Zombie Panic: Source! in 2009 until 2016. During that time I was the Lead Project Manager for a greenlit steam game named Brain Bread 2 of which I had to give up to a good friend that now is the lead programmer for Zombie Panic: Source!

During this time I released many maps all with great success. Due to my obsession with my mapping I became mentally ill and retired for 6 years. 6 years later I'm now in the Fire Service and believe I'm ready to begin mapping again. Mainly thanks to the prescription from my doctor...

In the coming days I'm going to be hard at work planning my 1st map in 6 years which will then be posted on the forums as a WIP with pictures and info. Hope to have much feedback and some heavy criticism, damn I love that.

Name's Lloyd, I'm a dual-national of Sweden and England and live in both countries ... It's a mess... Nice to meet you all and thanks for reading and not passing out on your keyboard with a puddle of drool!

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