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[GUIDE] How to Find the Music Title You Heard In A CSGO Map! ​​?​?​​?​​


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Hey guys! I know some of you were playing a random map in CSGO, especially Zombie Escape with your music volume enabled then suddenly you heard this epic-omg-awesome-wonderful-amazing-background music in the map ?


I'm gonna share you a guide on how to find the music title you heard from that map in CSGO! Not sure if this would help you or if some information is incorrect, but this guide that I will show you is based on what I did to find the music title of the map. If you have something to add, feel free to add a comment below ?


METHOD 1: Renaming a .bsp file to .bsp.zip file

You can also use VIDE but I recommend this one, it's easier.

First, you're gonna need a ZIP file archiver for this one, would recommend WinRAR; others work too.

Now, if you're looking for the music title of a map name, you need to get the map file first. You can find that in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\maps directory.


Make sure to Copy the file so you won't lose the map file.


Paste the file somewhere you want, then rename the file to .zip and click Yes when this warning window appears.

dubt0m7.png     qmxpxGK.png

Open the .zip file and press the sound folder.


There you should find all the names of the music and sound effects of the map. There will be some files with a lot of folders depending on the map, so you have to check them one by one and you should find the one you are looking for.



METHOD 1.1: Continuation of METHOD 1

Oh no! The audio file has no title? Let's say you are looking for the music title of this file, but it doesn't have any information about the music or you can't find it on Youtube. You can try this method, same thing do METHOD 1 then follow these steps.


Search for a music finder in Google, or you can use AudioTag. Now you choose Select or drop file and put there the music you are looking for, but make sure to extract the audio file first from the ZIP file!


Now wait for the music recognition robot to analyze the file. After that the results will be shown, and there you go!


If METHOD 1.1 didn't work we can try other methods too.


METHOD 2: Search for existing CSGO Zombie Escape Gameplay videos in Youtube

There are a lot of existing videos out there to find on Youtube, it's possible that you could find the music you are looking for especially when the uploader has music volume loud and clear in a map he/she is playing. Because Youtube detects copyright on that video and information about the music would be shown in the description of that video. But not all gameplay videos get copyrighted because some music doesn't really have copyright on it, or the video's music volume is not clear. So let me show you how to look for the music.


Search for CSGO Zombie Escape <map name> on Youtube. After that, click the video you want to look for music.


Go to the description tab and press Show More, then scroll down and all the music names should appear there.



METHOD 2.1: Search for existing CSGO Zombie Escape Music Playlist in Youtube

There are few people who have their music saved in a playlist on Youtube (I'm just showing you some available playlists out there). You can check them out: CSGO Zombie Escape Music Playlist or check these playlists too:

Neiva's Playlist

Caelynn Springer's Playlist

Flint'S Playlist

Lunaris Playlist



METHOD 3: Steam Group with music links from CSGO

This group has music links from CSGO, you can scroll them one by one from the Discussions Tab or just go here



METHOD 4: Type soundlist in console

If you are in a map you can type soundlist in console, this will show you the list of the audio files of the map in .mp3 or .wav format.



METHOD 5: Listen to the music with vocals

Yes, listening to the music that has vocals in it could help you identify the title of the music, let's say I'm listening to the music and I heard something in the lyrics like You know the rules and so do I. Now after hearing that you can search for that lyrics in Youtube or Google and it should pop up the original title of the music or the original video in Youtube. If the music is on a different language, try doing other methods or ask someone who understands the language of the music.



Remember that you could also ask some people who knows the title of the music. I think that's all the methods I can share. I hope you guys liked it, not really a good guide, but it should help you find the music you are looking for. Have a good day!

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