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Porting CS 1.6 Zombie Escape maps to CS:GO


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1.6 ZE maps tend to be completely different when it comes to their layout compared to CS:GO and the overall way they play out. Because of this, it's rather hard to implement CS:GO ZE gameplay into 1.6 ZE maps being ported there. (though I know that Jurassic Park in CS:GO exists). I would like to see some 1.6 maps being ported over to CS:GO (with some changes ofc to fit with CS:GO ZE gameplay). Here are my personal top maps to port over to CS:GO:

ze_dust2: change up how the doors work to promote defending (though make it short- like 10 secs or so), final defense takes longer and make it easier for zombies to enter the safe zone and infect humans in there to make the defense much harder, probably use Henge's dust1 remake in dust2's style for the dust1 section of the map (though because the A site is extended in the original map we might want to replicate it as close as possible or simply remove the area and modify the path on A site)

ze_mario_tower (1.6 version): Apply delays from css version, and add an actual bossfight replacing the pseudo bossfight in the original version (with lasers because why not?). The escape cloud stops for that bossfight and once the boss is defeated, moves on to the castle and nuke triggers, and other changes as well

ze_classic_pg: it's kinda possible, but since the basement (or the fake B site) has been removed in the CS:GO version of the map, I'd suggest a layout change. The route will go from Secret leading to Back Vents, with the trigger opening the door on Decon with a 10-15 second delay. Then move over to B site, then to Window and the platform over Dark, and a shortcut using the double doors leading to the tunnels, leading towards the Inferno section.

Because the CT spawn has been extended, there could be like a much longer defense as both Speedway and CT Spawn should converge into Arch and then the path through Library (both leading into the Assault part of the map) as a shortcut for zombies


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