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Ban appeal


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Discord name (and ID): pi#1586
Steam Name: null ghostcap.com
Steam ID (get it here: https://steamid.io/): STEAM_1:1:42103414
GCG Server Banned From: [ghostcap.com] ☣Zombie Escape 24/7 ZE MONKE!
Date/ Time (Invoked On): 2022-05-09 20:55:34
Who Banned You? (Find this on https://sourcebans.ghostcap.com/) : Naraka
Link to your ban (Also find this on https://sourcebans.ghostcap.com/) : https://sourcebans.ghostcap.com/index.php?p=commslist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:42103414&advType=steamid

Why Were You Banned?: "stop doing that ear rape" it said. I am playing some meme sound effects like door stuck, gg on the mic. without disturbing the leader.

I am not a native English speaker by googling the definition of "ear rape" I guess the admin hates it or the volume is too loud.

Why Should We Unban You?: since this is a short mute, I just wanna clarify the rule to prevent making another mistake

here is the question. is the meme sound itself forbidden or just the volume too loud. by that time there is nobody telling me the sound is annoying. at least in the voice chat.

instead of muting immediately, I would like to have a warning first.

maybe someone says it on the text but while busy shooting zombies. I don't look at it and I can't retrieve the chat log. so it remains unknown to me.

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Hello, I understand that you want to clarify your mute. Soundboard is not allowed in the server even if it's not disturbing the leader. Especially when you got a loud soundboard most likely you'll get muted longer or permanently.


Make sure to read the rules here: https://forums.ghostcap.com/topic/784-community-rules-for-ghostcap-gaming/

Have a good day!

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