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Mute appeal


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Discord name (and ID): NoLifer#0363
Steam Name: NoLifer
Steam ID (get it here: https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:1:193150773
GCG Server Banned From: [ghostcap.com] ☣Zombie Escape 24/7 ZE MONKE!
Date/ Time (Invoked On): March 19th, 2022
Who Banned You? (Find this on https://sourcebans.ghostcap.com/): Mochiron
Link to your ban (Also find this on https://sourcebans.ghostcap.com/) : https://sourcebans.ghostcap.com/index.php?p=commslist&searchText=nolifer&Submit=Search

Why Were You Banned?:

Harassment to fellow players

Why Should We Unban You?:

Well I had already been kinda unhappy of the way Mochiron issued commands and punishments by the time that it happened, simply by arguing with him on voice/chat he would just mute/gag me. Such instance was on 2022-02-11 01:48:42.

The situation, where I was punished happened on the 19th of march while playing the map ze_shroomforest3_p. I was muted and gagged for permanently (at the time and later reduced to 6 months). I was toxic to an item user and said words such as "holy fuck you are so bad" or similar ones,
which, in my opinion are normal to be used when a person has wasted over 30 minutes just because someone did a stupid missplay with an item. 

I agree, I shouldve been punished for toxicity but it should've been nothing close to the duration. 
In addition to that, there were at least 3 more players saying the same words or something similar (including hibiki as the leader) and none of them got muted.
I find it hilarious how I can get muted for such a period of time and people who simply say these words, but are known to the staff team would not get punished. I can still see such instances daily.
As an ex-administrator of 3 servers I found his actions questionable at first and decided to provocate him, just to see to what extent he would continue forcing his power on a player that he doesn't know.

That's pretty much what happened, I've been muted and gagged for over a month, I was pretty lazy to do a report on it, since I find it pointless to be discussed here, since it is a matter between me and his admin competence.
I do not think that I BROKE the rules to such an extent to be muted for 6 whole months lmao.

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