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[bug] G3SG1 Ammo and Price are different to Auto-sniper Scar....


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On 4/22/2022 at 11:58 AM, Ajm said:

*like a said this Gun don't have much love if better u guys added the same ammo and price of the Scar...*

+Ammo are only 20 not 69 like in Scar
+Price of it is 1200$ for a reason not 5000$...


This because no buggy literally dont use this guns now a days. And u might have noticed in Casuals or compe. that price of G3SG1 also varies from that of SCAR in many factors. And when u will notice than the damage of G3SG1 in the map u have posted from is actually too low to that of SCAR


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