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Hello! k0mmand here.


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Welcome! The name's k0mmand, your average ordinary gamer. Having played games since I was a kid, the pro gamer spirit resides in me! I mostly play CS:GO, though I've been playing Counter-Strike for over 10 years now (ever since I was introduced to CS 1.6), but I also have a good amount of games that I've played or at least heard of. Minecraft, Rainbow Six: Siege, Rust, Team Fortress 2, Rocket League, Azur Lane, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, League of Legends (yes, I used to play that quite often), the OG Plants Vs. Zombies, and lots more!

I am also a weeb (and a huge Purifier simp, you can already tell). Please, just don't judge me.

Having discovered this community through the Zombie Escape server back in late 2021, I've gained skill in that mode and even made some neat friends like you along the way! However, my skill in usual CS won't die either as they had a warmup server for me to get my aim... well... warmed up. (That's probably because I'm still in silver)

Either way, thanks for reading, and nice to meet y'all! Cya!

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