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[Tips] How to Win Zombie Escape Map easily.


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Since im see alot of peope dont dont adapt to ze playstyle (probably they playing zm too much) i will create this post to help other people to win the map with provided things that are important
Things that are important to beat the map :

1. Leader that have knowledge of the map usualy need only 1 leader and a few helper to help triggering the map, ( sometimes retarded kid will try to mislead the map makesure that you listen to main leader!) Note: if theres no leader or the map is kinda new its time for the whole team to learn how the map works , its hard at the beginning but once you know how the map works it will be a piece of cakes!
2. Dont Edge  Do not ever try to edge on place that are risk and keep your distance 5 feet away from zombie , bcs theres a map that has zombie item like gravity , nuke etc that can kill you or trim yourteam.
3. Items items are really important to beat the map if someone missuse it or dont know how to use it please just drop it to your teammates or dont pick it up ppl will die if you missuse time , this happens alot when somebody taking heal but never used it till the ends of the rounds , you will get ebanned for sure .
4. Teamworks Since its a zombie escape we talking about your participation to help your team is needed alot ! please listen to your leader and dont doorhug all the time to beat the map the more you help your team the more chance to win the map easily !
5. Experience i know not everyone is a pro at dodging laser , but the more you  play zombie escape the more skilled you are at beating the map , more experienced player will help beat the map easily keep trying and do training on ze and watch and  see what / how people play not just listen and you totally forgot about everything , be more aware! i know alot of toxic experienced ze player out there but try to learn how they play and dont copy their toxicity
6. Attitude being such a jerk at the ze map will makes your team / whole server lost its passion on being serious , you better stop using your microphone for useless information like "sneezing , moaning, laughing , missleading,  singing in microphones " the leader will be annoyed , keep in mind a leader is a human listen to them and give respect without a leader everything is fkup .


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