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Greeting, Ditoz was here!


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Uhm, I'm just an ordinary person having fun playing cs on community servers.

My first view hasn't changed since my first day playing on the community server, it's still amazing. I am still amazed how I can meet people out there, even in different countries, and I can chat with them with internet.

I play on this GCG server because my friend invited me ? y'all know


for mini information about me :

  • Half-Life (since 2008 or 2009)


Half-Life, is my first game with the theme of zombie horror, even I am still traumatized by the zombie skin.


  • Counter-Strike 1.6

I'm play multiple modes on many community servers.

1. Zombie Plague Mode


as I remember, in this mode everything looks simple, there is a zombie team there is a human team. But I remember all zombies have great health points, the best weapon is the riffle. In this mode there are also jetpacks & bazookas, as well as gold-plated weapons that can be purchased with ammo packs.

2. Zombie The Hero Mode


as I remember in this mode everything looks more fantasy, because the weapons are sophisticated because of something magical and unique, namely "anti-zombie weapons". Like the Barlog, Skull, and Janus series. But it still provides a fairly crowded atmosphere, even with the addition of zombies such as invisible zombies, and others. One thing I like about this mode is when the "supply box" sound appears.

3. Zombie Escape Mode


As I remember, this mode is still in the development stage, and the favorite map is Jurassic Park. Most of them are human maps, because zombies have almost no knockbacks when shot.

4. Base Builder


This is my favorite mode, where humans are required to create their own defend base from the materials provided. The defensive base types that I often make are the base layer, edge trap, hole trap, and airbase.


  • Counter-Strike Extreme


Me, offliner ?


  • CS2D Zombie Mode


I play this, it's fun. Especially when taking cover from zombies with a base strategy and turrent assistance upgraded to level 3. Dispensers are my life XD, free money.


  • Counter-Strike Online

1. Zombie: Hero


The mode that has been developed is better than Zombie The Hero in Counter-Strike 1.6.

2. Zombie Boss Mode


This is good mode tho, I play this tho. You need to beat zombie boss, with 4 people ? still insane.

3. Zombie Escape


This is bad ZE ever i think, i'm still confused of the map. And it's feel like run only, better Counter-Strike 1.6 before. 


  • Counter-Strike: Source


Yeah css, is first time ZE feels like ZE. You need defend, and run. And I just play ZE mode in CSS game.


After that I buy CSGO because bizon weapon, ppl using bizon in ZE (watch on youtube). I just wanna try it, as simple as that ? 


That's all. It's just mini information of me, feel free to chat with me in discord. ? 
Now is CSGO ERA. 

And I feel gcg like a real community out of all the communities i have ever met.

Btw, all image are from youtube. Me not SS every game that i play.


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