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Z3 Change Log - New Zombie Escape CSGO server!


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With the launch of Z3 imminent, here is the list of changes.

I created its own post as its massive.

There will also be "one more thing" on launch ?

Known Issues

Stats not tracking.
Alignment of some items are incorrect. Please report.
Trails are not working for some players.

Major Updates

New Custom ZR Core!!!!!!!

New Shop With Previews - !shop

Item Discounts Every Saturday (20% off!!)

Added Skins
Added Name Rewards
Added Kill Screens
Added 84 Dance Taunts And Emotes (!dance)
Added Pro Tracers
Added Pro Aurora
Added Chat Ends
Added Chat Colors
Added Chat Prefixes
Added Chat End Colors
Added Backpacks
Added Masks
Added Hats
Added Wings
Added Neon Glow
Added Basic Trails
Added Pro Trails

Added Fast Reloading Perk
Added Physical Riot Shield Perk
Added Teabag Duck Speed Perk

Added Slot Machine
Added High Or Low
Added Other Game
Added Roll Game
Added Rock Paper Scissors
Added Dice Poker
Added Lucky Draw
Added Flip Game !flip

Added ability to join off friends on steam
Added ability to rate the admins
Added daily !quests to earn exp
Added Hud Credits
Added Added new grenade effects
Added Zombie Kboom To ZM Mode
Added Boss Bar Hud to ZE mode
Added !discord for quick access
Added !mirror
Added 0lag to !settings
Added !hudmoney to hide default CSGO money
Added ability to boost more than 2 Zombies in ZM
Added !func menu 
Added !games menu
Added ability to mute chat ticking under !settings
Added menu for !voteleader
Added reload progress bar (!pbar or !progressbar)
Added daily bonuses !bonus
Added !smoke (replaced !decoy)
Added Top Defenders
Added earn credits by being a top defender/infector
Added female voices to !zmenu page 2
Added ability to turn off zombie sounds from !zmenu page 2
Added freeze effects for freeze nade

Updated EntWatch
Updated map chooser plugin
Updated !tp method
Updated leader plugin
Updated ambient sounds in ZM (Reduced)
Updated !buy commands (!bizon, !mag7 etc)
Updated rank tracking performance
Updated caching method
Updated Sourcebans database
Improved database performance overall (weapons load faster, comms bans load faster etc)

Improved performance
Fixed lag with Molotov (lol maybe)
Fixed double RTV
Fixed !spec in ZE mode
Fixed ranks not saving with ascii names
Fixed ambient sound bug in ZE mode
Fixed broken timers

Map chooser
Removed ads system
Free cam (RIP ZM Cheaters)
!decoy (replaced by !smoke)
Removed rank overlays on level up
Removed hit tracking on stats.ghostcap.com for ZE (due to new hitbox method)
Removed blood
Removed infection sparks
Removed cash messages
Removed !stuck (RIP AJM)

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