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confirmation to buy skin


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is may sound kinda stupid but I used to miss buy a skin by accident type '1.buy' that I dont want which lead to loss 2.5k credits. Same as some other people, maybe can u add confirmation to buy skin so that we dont miss buy it anymore?

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8 hours ago, pedrotski said:

We have spoken about this before. Oylsister made a Shop version that did this but the issue is every time there is a Shop update, the plugin needs the features added. 

The best place to ask if for the Shop authors to add it here: https://github.com/FD-Forks/Shop-Core/

Maybe @J_Oyl Jaa could do a pull request to the main repo?

This has been already done, and I have rework them to make it look more decent

Waiting for pull here: https://github.com/FD-Forks/Shop-Core/pull/118
if you can't wait check here: https://github.com/oylsister/Shop-Core/

The repository is no longer commit behind.

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