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Found 15 results

  1. just played this server for one week, at the beginning I wanted to play at this time, the server map that I met, played as usual only using a knife and playing weapons, suddenly there was a zombie infecting the person in front of me there was a falling weapon that was automatically on me because I used a gun, it was a power up weapon. I immediately pressed E, because I wanted to know how to use the power weapon, wanted to ask via mic, slandered mic voice changer because it was like that before. And the second time in the old voice ban, even though biasnaya played csgo with my friend in rl normally did not complain like that, or maybe it was no longer lucky, after that incident I immediately ordered new earphones to be able to play csgo server zombie escape to make it more comfortable and also not disturb the others. want to ask in the chat also must have sunk because the server person is a lot of spam, it must be illegible, and in the end spontaneously I clicked e earlier and such an incident, instantly on the tires, yes right on the tires, before on the tires I heard them laughing, and also in the chat because it's a unique occurrence, maybe.. but for one of them it looks like I'm like a snob, there feeling guilty yes, but because I hear them laugh, I also laugh because it's a stupid thing, is laughing not allowed?. after that I asked in the discord group how to unban myself and report the incident, I defended myself with those who felt I was doing the trolling very deliberately, I know it's wrong, I feel guilty and apologize if they feel wronged by my stupid incident, and also I really don't know about such an incident, because I play CS Go Zombie Escape mode for fun or refreshing myself, Maybe the admin was very upset by the behavior, iKnow it, and I also defended what really happened at the time, I just explained what happened without a single illustration being made. again sorry everyone who was harmed at the time.
  2. I'm curious so, in your opinion, which one is the best out of the 3 most used SMG in GCG ZE, the PP-19 Bizon, MP9 or P90?
  3. Can u be adding the mapvote mute on the servers?
  4. Hi, I want to make a new ultility suggestion to the server like can we maybe have a smoke grenade that reverse zombies movement keys but making it expensive for cts to buy so we have something to counter zm bhops other than decoy.Thank you ?
  5. What would be the best think to do huh? 1. Lead map 2. Give 2k cred to random player 3. RPS some random player for 500 creds 4. Minecraft event 5. GCL 4k creds prizepool
  6. this bug is happen on every map have multiple items, item users cant see his item cd timer and dont know have,lost what items, pls fix it at future for good gameplay
  7. Was there an inventory wipe? Skins and custom chat shenanigans I bought are gone.
  8. Moment's before disaster. Counter-strike Global Offensive 2021.09.28 -
  9. Zombie Ready Counter Strike, is a mod that changes CSGO's visual to be more suitable for Zombie mode servers. It adjust numerous CSGO's Files but not the core file, ensuring that this mod is safe from VAC BANS. migi support has been removed and will no longer be updated, use the client version for better use of this mod. The new exe file might be detected as a virus by any antivirus, I assure you this is 100% safe and will not alter anything on your PC. Get it here: ToppiOfficial/Zombie-Ready-Counter-Strike-Mod (github.com) Preview:
  10. "!afk" is being used my many player (including me) to find players who're hiding. If caught by an admin or a mod will result in a deduction of either EXP points or CREDITs for that matter. If "!afk" was used to find players but not expose the said players will depend on what the admin or mod thinks about the use of "!afk". I myself use cheeky spots to hide like blending in using my characters model color. Zombies will get attracted to the players who're defending a certain spot and only a small other zombies would just roam around the map. When I am last person alive hiding I often see "!afk" in chat then after a couple of second that said player directly B line to my spot and got killed. Well that's !afk. PS: I use this to avoid XP deduction no ban please.
  11. edited 08/01/2021 [ ! ] Here some !typeofguns list: by categories RIFLEs !ak ($2.500) AK47 !aug ($2.500) AUG !famas ($2.500) FAMAS !m4 ($2.500) M4A1 !m4s ($2.500) M4A1s !ssg556 !galil SHOTGUNs !nova !xm SCOUT RIFFLEs !scar !awp !ssg SMGs !bizon !p90 !mac10 !mp9 !mp7 !mp5 !ump MGs !m249 !negev PISTOLs !usp !glock !p250 !deagle !57 !cz !r8 !elite !tec9 !p2000 OTHER !kev !he !fb !flash !decoy
  12. edited 08/012021 [ ! ] Make sure you meet the following requirements: 1. Have money to buy a guns (in-game server) did u know? - after updated u need to wait 1 minute re-buy some guns - from joining server and first round u got money $12.000 - (human) u can shoot the zombie for gaining money, u got bigger money if you kill the zombie 2. Make sure the console is open from the game settings option (check this picture) 3. Type this following code in the console (open the console by pressing "~" button below "ESC" button on your keyboard) bind "anykey" "say !typeofguns" Example: (check this picture) bind "6" "say !he" For the list of "!typeofguns" base on GCG gun command list : (click this forum) => Did U Know GCG Gun Command List? 4. And then press "Submit" button on console and close it 5. Now try to press the button you binded in game did u know? - u can add some text after !typeofguns command like this (bind "6" "say !he need some help, take this!") & u can fully customize it Congratulations! you have done the tutorial, if you have any question just ask below this forum. ?
  13. GCG Zombie Escape server commands Exclusive for our server: zombies.ghostcap.com This post contains everything you need to get started on our Zombie Escape server. Simply type the commands into the chat window while your in game and follow the menus. If you see someone struggling with commands, please help them out ? Everyone was new once! Is something missing or not working? Leave a comment below! !premium - Access to premium features and service !zmenu - The main Zombie Reloaded console that gives you access to your personal settings. !lk - Access your personal account !hudmoney - Toggle the CSGO money hud on the left side of your screen !func - Easily access the function and games menu !credits - Toggle your store credits on the top left of the screen !es <NAMEHERE> - Spectate a player. !hide - Toggle to hide your Team !hud - Switches the player’s display of the Ent HUD !hudname - Switches the display of player names in Ent HUD !hudpos - <x> <y> - Allows you to set the position of the Ent HUD !hudcolor - <R> <G> <B> <A> - Allows you to set the color of the Ent HUD !ws - Choose a weapon skin !knife - Choose a knife !settings - Toggles the settings menu for gun sounds etc. !stopsound - Alternative for quick gun sound access. !music - Turn map music on or off. !music <volume> - Set the volume of the map music. !guns - Choose your default weapon loadouts. !hitmarkers / hm - Turn hitmarker sounds on or off. Also change the style !voteleader - Votes for the specified player to be leader !leader - Access the leader menu !shop - Buy in game swag items using credits you earn for playing and making kills. !stuck - Did you get stuck somewhere? Unstuck yourself. !noshake - Stops the screen shake when you turn into a Zombie !rtv or rtv- If you don't like the map, rock the vote. (Vote to change map) !report - report a player for misbehaving !lvl - Check your Zombie Escape stats for stats.ghostcap.com. !sm - Mute a player if they are annoying you. (!sm @all to mute everyone) !su - Unmute a player you have muted. (!su @all to unmute everyone) !status - See if an admin has banned you from using entities. !showname / !shownames - Toggles player names and HP of the player you're targeting. !showdamage - Toggle the alert that displays damage you have dealt to a zombie. thetime - Shows the current server time. timeleft - See how much longer the current map hast left. !nextmap / nextmap - See the next map coming up. !ztele - Teleport zombies back to spawn. !tp - Toggles third person and first person mode.
  14. Come join use for the first community event that the GCG community will be hosting. From angry zombies to everyone else trying to escape we have pooled our resources to be the last hope of humanity. Which side will you end up on? Come find out on December 18th, 4PM AWST. CS_GO Zombies (1).pdf
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