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About Me

  1. suggestion add like plugin to see replay or killcam who kills u that can open or close
  2. i think better change these settings now, we got lot newbies recently, like mgm said some leader getting mindbreak on some hard map, so if these settings changed, thank you so much~
  3. I suggest to change He Grenade on quick menu to flash, because it will be much more useful especially for dark maps Plus I don't think anyone would buy He Grenade since it got nerfed
  4. suggestion to add !sm back since sometime the normal csgo mute volume after mute u see him as bot but can still hear their mic ( maybe not happen much but sometime happen )
  5. Ze_surf was removed once because of few reasons like player quitting and the rank farming, also players complaining Me suggest add back ze_surf with higher map cooldown of 100 to start off and the player limit is 10 - 35 While sure the players complaining about how to surf and what not. It is very common for that and GCG already have a surf server set up for newbies. Ze_surf map is good for seeding a server
  6. now a few ppl still doorhug,no listen and no def i think we can add top defender and can gain credits. like if you shoot def zombie is many time and many hit,when round over and you still survive you will on top defender list and gain maybe 2-10 credits?or like top 1 gain 10credits,top 2 gain 7 credits,top 3 gain 5 credits,etc. if human all die zm win is nothing happen or maybe last survive defender gain credits you want credits?just go def,if we do like this,i think more ppl will listen leader and go defend,if can do this,thank you very much~d(`・∀・)b my english is bad so maybe have some wrong means(´;ω;`)
  7. [suggestion] 1. Remove scout + awp from ze ( or only put in super chill map like boat escape or moutain , other map should restrick it ) 2. remove dance from ze - or make when 40+ player on server can't use dance - or make it only can dance when u zombie (since the old bug some roundpeople can dance after pass like 2 minutes )
  8. [Suggestion] x1.5 credits gain x1.5 exp gain when 45+ player online on server ( when 1-44 = normal rate , 45-64 = x1.5 ) may help track player that like to farm credits and exp to stay and play more
  9. Not another extension! this is actually useful extension where you can get the action info from entity. but because the a whole github that support csgo (aka CSGOZombieEscape github this is include a million useful ZE plugin for csgo) got removed. Anyway I got it backup lol. Here I already packed on github : https://github.com/oylsister/sm-ext-outputinfo The Useful plugin that work with Outputinfo Extension. - CS:GO Admin Room Finder: https://github.com/IT-KiLLER/CSGO-Admin-Room-Finder - Save Level (Save user map level item) : https://gogs.botox.bz/CSSZombieEscape/sm-plugins/src/master/SaveLevel (work with CSGO too) - BossHP (old method really need to use it) If you has trouble can't find or invalid native, try add #include <outputinfo_botox>
  10. may i suggest an increase in ammo capacity in m4a1 by +20 or +25 :-). thx
  11. suggestion about lv system and restict gun for ze map Like if lv 1-15 can only buy smg + negeb + m249 lv 16-20 u can buy smg + negev + m249 lv25+ u can buy auto sniper lv30+ u can buy awp so if someone use awp or sniper or monkey gun >> warn them >> make them lv back to 1 or maybe please restict awp out from ze map some monkey always use awp shoot boss in hard map
  12. many of new player got scam , some got scem more than 1k and rage quit sv so me come suggest this ( me didn't scem new player much lol me play with puro + yeet this days and they scem me ) Some of idea for gamble system 1. make like auto disable for 200 credits - 10k credits play ( if u want to play 200 - 10k need to open in menu ) ( so newbie only can get send only 100 credits and fair for gambler that still want to play) 2. make more text to warn about gamble when u got send invite cause new player don't even know and spam rock lol new player spam rock like 90% of choice / if dice poker new player loss 100% 3. make cooldown like u can't spam send invite example cooldown 1-5 minutes after got refuse invite (now people can keep spam invite like 10 invite in 1 minutes lol) 4. make limited gamble per map example like u can only gamble 5 times ( after that u can't send invite gamble to anyone) 5. add gamble ban or gban >> if u got gban u can't gamble in that time till u got un gban ty ❤️❤️
  13. Im suggesting a removal for black-gs tower due to broken/godly heli (ignores helipad trigger by just spamming heli trigger)
  14. from my opinion knockback too low + nade op a bit some of my suggestion 1. knockback plz make higher a bit if i not wrong now rate need 2 human defend 1 zombie so it very hard in long map even we got nade and decoy now rate is like compare to z3 = mother zm = - 50% , 2nd zm = - 25% maybe if compare to z3 please set like both to -20% ? ( i not sure rate ) but make like 1 human def 1 zm 2. nade many people complane about it op or delay zombie long time ( maybe lower time of effect from 100% >> 90% or 80% ? ) ** if anyone think different please type too **
  15. since our setting hard and nade nurf please change rate spawn mother zombie maybe please lower a bit to like 10 people >> spawn 1 zombie ( i not sure rate lol but see 2-3 guys ask about if change rate better so i come post here)
  16. Dear admin, Please remove or update these map, (if u have any map suggestion to remove, reply below. Let's we make a discussion) Map List: 08/11/2021 zm_an_canals_classic_v1_s (no place to hide, small area) zm_base_remake (too many op spots, too many secrets) zm_castle_v2 (no place to hide, big area but no props) zm_cubelugubre (no place to hide, minimal props, area too big) zm_getkills_db_v11 (no place to hide, small area, minimal props, weird map) zm_glass_world_v3 (too op place, no place to hide, minimal props, area too big) zm_gorodok_v2 (no place to hide, to op for parkour player) zm_italy_night (no place to hide, minimal props) zm_legendary_house_final (minimal place to hide, minimal props, small area) zm_lila_hacker_rebuild_v2_2a (secret item too op, minimal place to hide) zm_lynxmetal_r_v1 (minimal place to hide, area too big with minimal props) zm_mc_village_builder (too crazy so big) zm_minecraftvillage (area too small, no place to hide) zm_minecraft_v3 (area too small, minimal place to hide) zm_minecraft_v3_rw1 (area too small, minimal place to hide) zm_mozilor_canal-prefinal_fix2 (big area with minimal spots to hide) zm_mozilor_industrie-prefinal_fix2 (big area with minimal spots to hide) zm_nomercy_hospital_csgo (big area but no spot to hide) zm_parish (small area, error texture, no place to hide, this is hell) zm_roy_the_ship (bad map no place to hide, we already have the rework version) zm_salon_moon (big map but minimal place to hide) zm_thieus_tourinfernal (minimal place to hide, op secret location)
  17. Please reduce time per map from 45 minutes >> 20-25 minutes ( 45 minutes too much )
  18. Suggestion lower kb or nurf 2nd zm that not mother zm and cause we have hard setting now but people still not listen leader (can't fix ) >> and make leader more presure while lead so i think should lower setting a bit some my idea 1. nurf zombie bhop or knockback 50% >> 30%-40% ( higher knockback ) 2.if become 2nd zm u won't gain points 3. if u 2nd zombie u has like anti bhop speed ( like in pse or can't use advantage from kncokback for gaining speed ) if any peopel has any idea or suggestion different from me please post here so we share what u think
  19. Quick menu left shift should add hide teammate in not sure hide 300 , 500 or hide 999 to see only leader or in some hard lasers map ( btw i not sure the hide on sv it hide even leader too lol ) and i think like should arrange most important command to upper number more like kevlar should be upside at number 3 and gernade go 4 and decoy go 5 ** maybe kevlar go 3 , hide team mate go 4 **
  20. plz add like anti edge plugin like when u become 2nd zombie or got infected u can't infect other human like 1-3 sec both ze and zm even in zm some people only use knife all round for kaboom skill and trim team that hide same spot cause edge if it be add in would be great at least have 1-3 sec to kill the edger lol etc . i don't know where to find plugin lol
  21. please lower price of basic shield from 500 to 200 or 100 and maybe if it too op maybe cooldown buying it or limit per round ? idk Since this 500 people not even use it and it not op your friend can shoot and break it For zm if hide in same place = your friend shoot and break it 100% only useable when u hide in like solo place maybe For ze i think it will break fast since your friend troll and shoot it lol good for sv to get money from player too
  22. in zm maps please make cooldown for buying all pistal same as main guns 1 minutes too it's very op when u have bind + rebuy elite or dual barettas ( it's knockback op ) u can solo in tunnel with this pistal rebuy ( our sv has the boost so zm got stuck and block each other in front of tunnel ) ( in some zm sv they make stuck plugin unstuck from same team too to prevent blocking )
  23. suggestion about group cooldown for boat escape map like play u play any boat escape and it will make all boat escape map got cooldown 30 maps
  24. some ideas 1. restick ff map like play 1-3 ff map in 24 hour and auto make all final fantasy map got cooldown 30 maps 2. maybe set nomination 40-45 player for each ff map
  25. Me suggest add !soundboard like, ! lalala for Curq-lalalala lululu ( ͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °) now people will be spamming these, so me also suggest that soundboard needs credits, so when u play a sound like !lalala you need to pay a certain ammount of credits for it.
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