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Found 5 results

  1. It would be nice for https://forums.ghostcap.com/staff/ to show "Staff", "Moderator" & "Admin" as it does only show Moderators.
  2. It would be nice if the Calender page (https://forums.ghostcap.com/calendar/) shows the Month & would be even better if you could cycle through the months to see what's happening in the future and what's past.
  3. NJOOSHY asking me for quick item menu yesterday, So I just found it today. This is plugin that allow you to do a shortcut menu by pressing "Shift button", if you open and see the file, you will realize automatically how it work. Source file is in the .zip but I didn't include some small dependencies like "multicolors.inc" and etc. Fact: - You can toggle this option by type "!shortcuts" but except the plugin doesn't has a cookies. Quickmenu.rar
  4. in ZM hiding to win is 10% of human in this mode (somehow i got myself the joy by winning this way) and people just ruin it by spectating and go back to zombie or spoil them. so here the idea. remove !afk in zm or only spec zombies or remove manual/freeroam/noclip spec for ZM maps THEYRE KILLING MY "VC" MAN
  5. Add training maps so that hard maps that have surf in it can be passed by an average CS player no need to be good at surfing just the general knowledge of it.
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