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Found 4 results

  1. Every had a problem when playing Minecraft? Ever had an issue on how to get a certain item in Minecraft? Want to be an engineer but have no experience in it? (Redstone) Then I might be your guy! Tell me in specific what kind of problem in dealing with and I'll see what I can do for you. Spyderlounge#9980 | Discord Hacxs | Minecraft *main*
  2. What would be the best think to do huh? 1. Lead map 2. Give 2k cred to random player 3. RPS some random player for 500 creds 4. Minecraft event 5. GCL 4k creds prizepool
  3. Have you ever got stuck in the Nether that you can't go back in the portal since it's broken by a Ghast? Well your in luck because I have a solution for you! PORTAL BROKEN BY AN ENTITY : ( The portal should look like a fully built protal that is unlit meaning it doesn't have the purple effects on it ) So a portal that is broken by an entity like Ghast's fireball or a primed TNT exploded near it and you don't have anything to reignite it? Well here's a solution for you! In order to reignite you need an item called FIRE CHARGE in order to get FIRE CHARGE you need GUNPOWDER, COAL, BLAZE POWDER. GUNPOWDER from GHASTS or in CHESTs. COAL from WITHERED SKELETON or in CHESTs. BLAZE POWDER from BLAZE put it on the crafting grid. After crafting FIRE CHARGE simply right click on the portal frame on how you would ignite the portal when using a flint and steel.
  4. sg1.ghostcap.com:25570 : Server IP This server is an unmoderated server but I'd like to implement a couple of rules. ( Here are the following ) 1. Follow GCG community Guideline rules. 2. Any form of client based hacks are not allowed. 3. No use of Baritone Bots 4. No racial slurs on in-game chat The following interaction are allowed such as. 1. Griefing 2. PVP 3. Giving away other peoples coordinates. 4. Stealing
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