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Found 5 results

  1. Just happened on ze_geometric_v1_4 stage 4, before last laser part when zm tp, humans throwing nades to 40+ zombies, there look like 40+ zombies burning with fire particle ,then some humans(dorime potato pc and laptop users)csgo crashed, also the fire particle actually might make fps lagging a bit, so its possible to change fire particle to make more smoother and not that much client crash gameplay. about nades slow down bhopping zombies, i know we have decoys, but there some newbies like dont have money to buy decoy and cant bhop, i tested with friends when throw HE nades to bhopping zombies, it does slow down a bit like 290 bhop velocity or still can go 300+ bhop velocity, i want suggest like HE nades can let zombies cant bhop like 1-2 second, yeah, this suggestion actually so pleb, but our server focusing newbies and beaten some map more easily, so pls buff a bit thanks (my english still suck, hope u guys understand, thanks)
  2. I just want to know if this is a bug or just changes in the Update pls fix it lel.... Edit : Yes i know it Update in Csgo but i just want to know why the M4a1-s ammo just 25 when the update came out......
  3. Please fixed this, every server restart the map nomination turns to CS and DE. I hope it will be fixed, probably if the server force change to these maps. I'm worried about the plugins. Picture captured at December 21, 2021. Picture taken December 22, 2021
  4. this bug is happen on every map have multiple items, item users cant see his item cd timer and dont know have,lost what items, pls fix it at future for good gameplay
  5. Info: sorry I didnt have ss or record any video, but if u have it send it on replies. there is 2 people (idk how to tag this ppl) in zombie skin but on human side (this bug counting zombie as an human) human cant kill this ppl cause game counting as human side. bad news, this ppl can kill the zombie with knife (kaboom) and farm exp. kinda broke some plugin or something, me don't know. but ppl in game being annoy cuz this bug. hope it fix soon.
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