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  1. Hi everyone, my name is Hacxs/SpyderLounge I have been here for almost a year and a half and I've been away for a long time since I had to keep a focus on myself and school. I became inactive here on the community for a very long time. I used to play the late Z2 to Early Z3 of GCG Zombie Server a lot perhaps some of you know me some of you may not. But then I moved to GCG's minecraft server the FIRST GCG minecraft server before it was sadly griefed, I remembered that I was being accused of griefing because since the day I joined people's area have been ransacked, blown-up and so on and so on. But I made a staple on that server to make my self be cleared of accusations by making a community trading area where I helped players get end game equipment for free, made some friends notably Ajm, Ditoz, Puro, Bisko, Njooshy, Hotline, Chong, MGM, Pedro. Now I'm trying to be active here on the community mainly on the Minecraft server since I don't have enough storage for CS:GO and the files for the Zombie Server but I will try my best to make this community safe for people to relax make some friend or just hang out or good to vibe with.
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