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  1. In this thread, I will post sourcepawn coding that I tried experiment. This is much more like I make this for people who are interested in sourcepawn coding. btw, I will update later if I got anything interesting.
  2. Zero - Drakengard 3 I paid this to Toppi for 50$ lol https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqBYFSQ6iXhrgQd0ewsBtGanVZWj?e=oWaR5H
  3. The reason to modify damage it's for shotgun against the zombie, the maximum damage of nova still a little when you shoot as zombie. The main idea is buffing shotgun damage is to make it more useful against zombie. about that adapt to boss fight part, yep mechanic of game is designed in the that way in the first place. but as I say we can adapt it in other way which not really related to "gun damage" stuff. the boss that you said 1 bullet = 1 hp probably using math_counter method, but the boss that use func_breakable health is completely different.
  4. It is possible to increase shotgun damage with plugin. And it also possible that we can adapt that to the boss fight where you don't have to use only smg.
  5. This is not suggestion, just the idea that I adapt from other server. The grenade napalm only give player a cash when detonated it. The player always get a cash every single time when they do damage with their weapon right? and when zombie die from burning napalm the kill feed will show that zombie get killed from grenade. So the idea is player can also earn cash from the damage napalm burning on zombie too. Since there are natives and apis available on ZR Grenade Effects the implement is easy one. Using API on Grenade Ignited and create repeat timer that player can earn cash. public int ZR_OnClientIgnited(int client, int attacker, float duration) { g_fMaxTime[attacker] = GetEngineTime() + duration; // Time that player will stop earning cash CreateTimer(0.2, GiveAttackerMoney, attacker, TIMER_REPEAT); // function to give player cash } and then gave them a money public Action GiveAttackerMoney(Handle timer, any client) { int g_iClientCash; // Get current time and check that if it not exceed limited time that we set it above code. if(GetEngineTime() < g_fMaxTime[client]) { // Get Current client cash g_iClientCash = GetEntProp(client, Prop_Send, "m_iAccount"); // Set cash SetEntProp(client, Prop_Send, "m_iAccount", g_iClientCash + 10); // Repeat again return Plugin_Continue; } // if current time exceed the the limited time then stop. else { return Plugin_Stop; } } Actually this is already on my github. if you are interesting, checking here https://github.com/oylsister/ZR-Napalm-Burning-Cash
  6. yeah I remember that bhop zm is completely op even on the most narrow pile crouching spot. zombies are just simply unstoppable, if player know how to do bhopping.
  7. Here come the Top Defender plugin : https://github.com/darkerz7/CSGO-Plugins/tree/master/topdefenders_perk
  8. still SaveLevel plugin will become much useful later when you play on the map that have Item lvl system
  9. Not another extension! this is actually useful extension where you can get the action info from entity. but because the a whole github that support csgo (aka CSGOZombieEscape github this is include a million useful ZE plugin for csgo) got removed. Anyway I got it backup lol. Here I already packed on github : https://github.com/oylsister/sm-ext-outputinfo The Useful plugin that work with Outputinfo Extension. - CS:GO Admin Room Finder: https://github.com/IT-KiLLER/CSGO-Admin-Room-Finder - Save Level (Save user map level item) : https://gogs.botox.bz/CSSZombieEscape/sm-plugins/src/master/SaveLevel (work with CSGO too) - BossHP (old method really need to use it) If you has trouble can't find or invalid native, try add #include <outputinfo_botox>
  10. This is also prevent from some map entity explosion when player stand nearby.
  11. This is not gonna work for csgo. unless you legit port the skin for csgo in the first place.
  12. Thanks, I see so many skin inside lol
  13. 25$ per model, good luck paying 200$ for 8 models, Pendejo
  14. Those skins are mmd model and not even get ported to csgo
  15. Hey fellas, I have a good news that I managed to make the map group cooldown for mapchooser-extended! back then it still experimental, but I managed to make it completely work after the map ending! Check my github for more info : https://github.com/oylsister/mapchooser-extended
  16. surf_nyx: https://fastdlv2.gflclan.com/file/gflfastdlv2/csgo/maps/surf_nyx.bsp.bz2
  17. it act as a convar, Some admin might doesn't have the ADMFLAG_CONVAR to use it
  18. Recent updates I see that you brought back the normal napalm grenade which actually explode. Here some little plugin that you can use. No grenade ringging is the plugin to prevent the ringging sound when player standing too close the HE grenade or Explosive on the map. Previous the author of plugin only put the css offset, but I managed to find the offset for csgo by luck. take a look here : https://github.com/oylsister/Zombie-Escpe-Thailand-Community/tree/main/Plugins/NoGrenadeRingging
  19. I joined the ze server today, at some point human over killed the zombie and trigger the Repeat Killer to prevent zombie respawn in the server. The Repeat Killer will completely block any attempt to spawn in the map after it got triggered. However, the !zspawn command didn't get blocked after Repeat Killer is activated. This !zspawn command supposed to not available or allow any player to spawn again after Repeat Killer activated (There is no issues on separated plugin). So after nuke trigger and repeat killer activated zombie is able to spam !zspawn and die over and over again. Since you prefer sticking with Anubis ZR rather than go separated plugin, tell Anubis to check out Vauff ZR Repeat killer on Vauff github, it has the option to toggle repeat killer in case if player accidentally activated it from overkill. https://github.com/Vauff/ZR_RepeatKill btw, On Frac1sco Zombie:Reloaded github, I become an official contributor!
  20. it possible anyway. https://gogs.botox.bz/CSSZombieEscape/sm-plugins/src/master/mapchooser_extended Automatically Storage a cooldown after map end on config file.
  21. NJOOSHY asking me for quick item menu yesterday, So I just found it today. This is plugin that allow you to do a shortcut menu by pressing "Shift button", if you open and see the file, you will realize automatically how it work. Source file is in the .zip but I didn't include some small dependencies like "multicolors.inc" and etc. Fact: - You can toggle this option by type "!shortcuts" but except the plugin doesn't has a cookies. Quickmenu.rar
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