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  1. 1. Removed in next update 2. I'll try replacing it with new ones, right now i'm running out of ideas. If you have weapons to suggest feel free to post it. 3. Currently working on it 4. I'll try it if i have new replacements, about extra's like LSZE. Yeah you're right, it was inspired by that server. 5. Will be removed in next update (if possible) 6. I don't know about Yaksha, i've never try to play with it. Mummy seems a good one, but it sucks really. 7. I don't know if its possible to add, if you have source codes+resources of it, you can PM/DM me in discord so I can convert it
  2. Hello, why forum signature doesn't work? I try using html code, bb code and other codes but no luck. It just displays as code and not a picture with a link.
  3. Hello, I want to suggest adding discord ping roles per game, to make less using of "@everyone" ping because others might get irritated and ask like "who ping me?" then proceeds to rage lol. For example: CSGO - CSGO Ping/Player CS 1.6 - CS 1.6 Ping/Player Rust - Rust Ping/Player Minecraft - Minecraft Ping/Player and etc... That's all thanks.
  4. 3. Fixed 5. That's not a bug, that's how the game works. Zombies should run after humans. Anyway thanks for reporting this bugs, appreciate your efforts.
  5. Hello, thanks for reporting, i'll point out some things here. 1. M249 Phoenix fire is removed 2. I'll take a look on it 3. Huh? you mean balrog 9? 4. You can't use "amx_gag" since you're not admin 5. What do you mean?
  6. Hello and thanks for your suggestions. 1. Sandbags - we have guns to use, maybe defend harder? 2. Lasermines - not bad but it's not suitable for ZE 3. Mission system - Nice idea, but I don't think it's necessary to add this 4. CSO emotion - yeah, you're right. It's useless 5. CSO Guns - Few of it already added in the server, but adding it all, it might cause a server crash (precaching limit error) - CS 1.6 precaching is limited to 512 right now, other coders already submit a petition to increase it but however valve denies it because it will make the engin
  7. That's good tho, but also put limit. Like 2 times per month to avoid spam
  8. Hello, can I request for changing my forum nick to "OnGameFrame()"? Thanks
  9. Hello, thanks for visiting ghostcap cs 1.6 zombie escape server. It's still on development, you can easily see it's on dev status from the server name. [Test SV / Dev SV] 1. What do you mean? if you mean sprites error, it's already fixed. But it's not uploaded in the test sv 2. What bug? you didn't state the bug. 3. Stun rifle is working correctly, what's your problem? 4. Free VIP Hour is from 6 PM to 12 AM[Midnight], not sure about that it might change depending on players frequency and time of playing. However boosting the server or buying a vip you might get it [pedrotsk
  10. Hello, since i'm working on our CS 1.6 ZE SG server (still not finished), i would like to request more servers to manage on. Servers are consists of: - Dust2 or Public (EU & SG) EU part might be the best choice to deploy a Pub server. Afaik alot of CS 1.6 players was there, especially Romania. But SG might be good too. - Zombie Plague (seems pretty good but this is the hardest of all to manage) - Deathmatch (EU & SG) EU part is really the best choive for deploying this. For SG we will see about it. That's all thanks. EDIT: About Z
  11. I had also same ping in 1.6 too. Lowest in Hongkong is 21 and singapore is 31. If I notice my ping is going above like 60 ms, i immediately check the lines and configs. Plus i'll check the router as well. Talking about australia, i guess it's 70 ms - 150 ms (playable enough for me)
  12. This seems not working at me, tested it on my Converge and PLDT Without Cloudfares warp: Max: 40 ms; No loss lol Average: ? Min: 31; No loss With Cloudfares warp Max: 40 ms; No loss again Average: ? Min: 31 ms; No loss Final conclusion: It works as it's expected but in my part it's not needed that much, since my ISP had good routing at singapore (Hongkong mostly), so no need to use VPN. Only use VPN if you experience lag spikes or something in game. But over all, if you're internet is really good enough, then don't use VPN.
  13. Ayos naman po kami, magandang araw din po sa inyo.
  14. Hello, guys. I'd like to suggest adding this bots in discord server. Statbot - this is good for counting the members in discord server, it has delay which is 10 mins. but you can set it to 6 mins, if you only buy their premium service. Source: https://statbot.net/ Chat Relayer? - in case you are lazy to go in-game just to chat with players or respond with reports. You can use this BOT (it's actually an SM plugin and discord bot) Source: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=311079 That's all. Thanks.
  15. Ohh yeah, you're right. That makes sense.