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  1. Imagine you just wanting to awp and people zooming around the map because there are auto bunny hopping enabled. Just nerfing knife wont help it, why? First, you can't be blocked, meaning you will NEVER lose speed unless you hit a wall, Second, even if the knife is nerfed, it would be so easy, literally so easy to knife someone whos sole is to play AWP peacefully, i.e +strafe, +left, +right bind. Third, knife will not only be abused, awp + bhop + no collision could cheesed so easily, i.e bhopping into someone and no scoping. All in all I don't see the point of turning collision off in an AWP server when bhop is enabled as it would not only turn into a knife only server to some people but also ruin the fun for normal awp player. Thanks for reading this and please take this into consideration 😉
  2. !sm only mutes the player, means you can still see their chat. Also like hibiki mentioned, searching the player's name in the leaderboard could be a hassle too
  3. The minecraft server is on cracked version, and because it is cracked, you only need a username to play on an "account/ name". This can result in people logging to whoever's account they want. Even the owner's To overcome this, you need to add an authme plugin or something that require player to register/ login before playing in the server.
  4. having different mode than awp takes away the meaning of "awp server", perhaps scout/ gaygun mode works but it may still be annoying to some who just wants to enjoy awp
  5. Having more map choices is always better than having to play the same map over and over again https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/awp_lego_8_va1.bsp.bz2 https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/awp_ice_csgo.bsp.bz2 https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/awp_pro.bsp.bz2 https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/awp_fort_lego.bsp.bz2 https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/awp_lego_fix_v4_csgo.bsp.bz2 https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/awp_slaughter.bsp.bz2 https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/awp_zeecore.bsp.bz2 awp_highrated - https://gamebanana.com/mods/77397
  6. I personally think that having kevlar vest on spawn is kinda necessary because who doesn't buy armor when using AWP in real matches? Right now knife damage are 1 left, 1 right kill from the front. Not sure if knife damage will be reduced in the future, but adding kevlar vest will also slightly reduce the damage of it (2 left 1 right)
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