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  1. Verified - Normal Map - 2 point
  2. Date: 1/9/2021 Main Leader: Bisko Score: 6 - 1 Screenshot:
  3. Verified - Easy Map - 1 point
  4. This is a real Goodie moment ☺️
  5. HK416 Skin for Shizuru hk416_bladewild.rar
  6. Graf Zeppelin Skin Update Grap_Zep_v2.rar
  7. How to always get nothing, Step 1 Be like me and get Terrible luck
  8. I think you did not understand that Me and some people came from THE Vietnamese ZE Group. Instead of being unreasonable about it and hate everything because you lost some little XP that barely anyone cares about, Why dont you just politely find a group that you can grow your seed on and stay as this group you deemed are not "Good" Enough for you. This little bit of stuff and you caused a giant ruckuss about it, If you ever purchased a game called Escape from Tarkov, you will know that everything you earned does'nt matter as it will be gone with the Game that has constant Inventory and Level Wipe to Balance out the Players to the Newcommers. Peace.
  9. ze_Bathroom_v2_5 on the 2nd stage there is a huge lag spike on at the start. Maybe try out v2_4?
  10. Too much Miku. Rejected ( ゚ ͜ʖ ゚)
  11. As the title says, this thread is to suggest what skin to be added into the server so I guess Im the first one to make suggestion. As obvious reasons that you guys with eyes can already see, I suggested this skin Bismarck from Azur lane Crosswave [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] [Skin Mods] (gamebanana.com) (・ ͜ʖ・)
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