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  1. Discord name (and ID): rando#4650 GCG Server Banned From: Discord Date/ Time: I don't remember it been 2 months Who Banned You?: pedro Why Were You Banned?: Nudes if you remember Why Should We Unban You?: Just questioning can my ban be lift yet
  2. Discord name (and ID): rando#4650 GCG Server Banned From: Discord Date/ Time (Invoked On): Shortly before this come up around 19:55 on 4/8 Who Banned You?: Bot Link to your ban: uh no clue where to get it for discord Why Were You Banned?: Habit of including link to arts i post which lead me to forget to break up the link that have R18 tags (I usually only post the SFW parts) Why Should We Unban You?: I have a speedrun on #counting with Katerine (Hopefully i spell it right) and i promise to dm link instead of posting on public chat :DD
  3. Now that the problem been relief can you lock this up so we can forget?
  4. Not sure how to login via my main so probably just stick to my alt on a diffirent IP then
  5. So after diggin abit it appear that my main discord acc is IP yeeted due to inappropirated used of art (tho most of em aren't NSFW)
  6. That funny i don't even use a alt but ok let me see
  7. i tried 3 times so far and this still pop up
  8. Now the strange part is i can't get back in as everytime i try it usually say "The user is banned from this guild" which starting to sound like a u problem and what i manage to heard from Shizuru i still in the sever but can't access it in anyway
  9. This should be it: 705517765162958989
  10. Tbh i fully aware of the reason why i was sent to the forever box i just wondering how long i'll be staying
  11. Discord name (and ID):Meow re#9129 Steam Name: meow ghostcap.com Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:205280026 GCG Server Banned From: Discord Date/ Time: 22 July at 2:55 AM Who Banned You?: Either Pedroski or NJOOSHY Link to your ban: Couldn't find any to relate­čś× Why Were You Banned?: Posting art for request from member without realizing it was breaking the rule Why Should We Unban You?: No particular reason outside of i just want to get back into the Zoo of GCG that is known discord
  12. Your second point is actually something the expert "Warowl" had test before and it... Yea it stupid
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