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  1. Will play for a while longer n see how first
  2. I go for the first choice Since +kb is also a need. Server dont need be too hard, just make ze easy and zombie stay and play bcs high bhop, they will feel like have chance knife ct and bhop professional
  3. Bhop speed needs to reduce. Fast bhoppers triggers the door quick and leaving new players behind. Even if fast bhoppers dont trigger fast, new players is still at a disadvantage because zm bhop plus the zm speed will kill them easily when team fall back. basically the usual defend and fall back just got harder to newbie and people who dont know the map. they also cant shoot fast moving zombies If want newbie to learn, need lower it to like maybe 115%-120% of max movespeed the 0 stamina can stay as it is easier to now climb up platform
  4. Ze_surf was removed once because of few reasons like player quitting and the rank farming, also players complaining Me suggest add back ze_surf with higher map cooldown of 100 to start off and the player limit is 10 - 35 While sure the players complaining about how to surf and what not. It is very common for that and GCG already have a surf server set up for newbies. Ze_surf map is good for seeding a server
  5. The kb is fine imo, not broken like when it first started, not too low like the previous 2:1 defend ratio. It will be good after a few adjustments and test for the kb. Remember that GCG is still a new server.
  6. me suggest increase all skins price by about 100% - 400% Or just in general Lower the credits rate currently shop item all too easy to earn and buy
  7. Map is fine when playing it, but once changed to nextmap it crashes people's CSGO and afterwards cause an auto-restart for the server.
  8. CurQ allowed me to suggest this sound - CurQ - Lalalalala lalala.wav sound - Tense1983 - Best troll.wav
  9. more defending rather than throwing nades also the kb ratio is 2 humans to push back 1 zm
  10. Please do,its killing server when FF/Cube map is played continuously I dunno about FF But Gris, grau, lightshadow, geometric, naiads, RWB, offliner (maybe), conflict, deadcore (both ver), misaka 1 & 2,
  11. Remove it at best, if not then add like the one MGM said, 1-3second no knife. But other than that i suggest remove anti edge. Because it is part of the zombie escape experience/gameplay. If someone is edging, the CT team will need to prefire the edger before he gets knifed by a zombie. It is the teamwork of the ct team to counter edger. When im leading maps and i see edger, i just ask the ct team to shoot the edger so he dont trim the team.
  12. Me suggest add !soundboard like, ! lalala for Curq-lalalala lululu ( ͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °) now people will be spamming these, so me also suggest that soundboard needs credits, so when u play a sound like !lalala you need to pay a certain ammount of credits for it.
  13. Needs to be removed immediately. When zombie timer almost end, if human dance they can become zombie but dont get teleported away. trimming the team.
  14. Me is Hotlineblur Me from earth Me ze player Me also play genshin Me big simp That's it, Me is hotlineblur call 1800-Hotlineblur when u play ze
  15. happens to everyone and my fps veri low. usually its 80-120 but when playing that map i get less than less than 30
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