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  2. what they look for is the maps and good moderation there is thousand jb map in csgo community and people mostly will look for the games in a map and is it easy to rebel/ find sercet about the event day in jb mostly which included ("warday", "ffa", "hide and seek", "one in the chamber" and more...) also is good for communicating
  3. and the reason I want a jb server is because jb is so underrated in asia that we it barely appear in our vision I had a lot of fun in the old days in csgo jb so I am pretty sure people are going to like it
  4. hi pedro can we have jailbreak server
  5. I played a few match just now in gcg rpg awp server and for what I see is the long jump upgrade should be remove is literally just uncontrollable and broken, the rest are prob just fine but there's one thing I really don't like is you only get back 70% of the rpg credits once you sell your upgrade.
  6. I don't argee with turning collision on since the server is already fast paced, if with collision on would be highly annoying for bhop players also with collision on, the players might devolve some shitty meta example they just burst into player who are bhopping and kill them.
  7. Why does this sounds like some servers I know in asia. hmmmm Gassss........ nvm.
  8. First, all the map should be bigger , more open and not "campable" since there is autohop. Second, I think the 100% accuracy is kinda bad since people will just bhopping around and awping which is a disadvantages for non-bhop players. Third, collision no needed to enable since it will be annoying if we just clash into our enemy. Forth, I hope there's custom mvp song cause it will be pretty dope. Firth, remove deagle from every single map.
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