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  1. The New Update bugged out the Ammo Clip in the Zombie Escape Server consider to fix it pls 🙂
  2. Ajm

    (CSGO) UnGag

    ----------------------------------------------------------- Discord name (and ID): jmCykusa#0909 Steam Name: Ajm ghostcap.com Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:10850918 GCG Server Banned From: Zombie Escape Date/ Time (Invoked On): 2021-08-17 22:48:07 Who Banned You? : Mochiron Why Were You Banned?: Telling a joke (demoralizing people. Edge lord) Why Should We Unban You?: I got gag for Joke like i just said 3-25 in warm up it chat, like i was being mistreated to this admin like he being so sensitive about the joke i just want to justify the thing no one even leading like a said it in (warm up). -----------------------------------------------------------
  3. sadly you can't you need to stab 2 times if im correct.
  4. add gamemode to deagle only and scout
  5. admit it that im wrong using it and doing unfair to the others.. The reason why i cheated in Minecraft because i tho it a Anarchy but it just an not being Moderated. and i forgot community Rules is being applied to it. i'm just hoping i can have a second chance to get unban to the server and i will never cheat in the server again....
  6. the nade just 5 sec slow for no reason....
  7. it alrady put with credits and xp but it just remove maybe pedro don't like it
  8. so you saying we should higher the price to 15000>60000 the highest price anime skin. me dont like the change if you asked me
  9. it already being added in z3 after it release but pedro remove it
  10. (Re-post) pls add this i really want it : ) G11- Girl Frontline https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GFp_sh9H0RYMMF8VKBA3vQI2eUC7UIN7/edit
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