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  1. This suggestion is based on this comment in that topic. My main opinion will not change: Adding zombie teleport point after D route boss died. And I finally found an editor for making strippers, so I made an own stripper, that is based on Knightmare stripper, for GCG. In this stripper, I ONLY add this one: zombie teleport point after D route boss died. In original version(v1_3 series), there is zombie teleport point after humans get teleport in that part. But s7f2(ported from CS:S) version does not have this. That's why I ask please adding a ze_deadcore_s7f2 stripper.
  2. I wanna ask to add this ze_deadcore_s7f2 stripper. In no stripper version, there are no zombie teleport for some reasons after boss(Normal D) died. I have felt so bored because we have no zombie defense in that part. But with this stripper, it will add zombie teleport without admins help/!ztele after that so we will be bored no longer in laser and beam part. And with this stripper, it will also add extra levels to ze_deadcore_s7f2. Each stages except "Knightmare" will start from boss fight in D route. We will teleport to the elevator which is before boss immediately after each r
  3. Actually, ze_grau_a03_4ff does not have any extra rtvs. If we add them, we need not ze_grau_a03_4ff but ze_grau_a03_4f. Btw, I also wanna ask to add rtv-fys. I still don't care whether rtv-z will add or not. I will try to find strippers. Imagine adding rtv-RNG thank you XD. 🤔
  4. Please add these maps to server and nomination. + ze_chroma_v0_4_csgo5 : 1 stage (boss) / 4 items for humansze_chroma_v0_4_csgo5.bspze_chroma_v0_4_csgo5.nav + ze_lightnight_v1_4fix_hdr : 2 stages / boss on 2nd stage / no items (There is actually an item but it will be nothing for humans like POSSESSION item in ze_omochi_b10)ze_lightnight_v1_4fix_hdr.navze_lightnight_v1_4fix_hdr.bsp + ze_lux_umbra_v1 : 2 stages / boss on 2nd stage / 1 item on 2nd stage ze_lux_umbra_v1.nav ze_lux_umbra_v1.bsp