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  1. 99% of my deadcore nomination is joking so I don't cry by removing from nomination cuz we can go to oth..., aight nvm. But one thing I am wondering is whether admins are discussing adding "only admin nomination" or not.
  2. Admins keep removing ze_deadcore from nomination so why don't you move the maps to only admin nomination? Removing the map from nomination without any words is absolutely admin abuse. IF this server allows admin abusing, I will not care anymore.
  3. MAP: ze_forsaken_temple_v3_b5 DATE: 09/12/2021 SCORE: 4-7 (1 win is from glitch holy, so actually 3-7) LEADER1: Beppu
  4. [09/12/2021] Added Luciddreams v3 4x Link: ze_luciddreams_v3_4x.cfg
  5. [09/12/2021] Updated 666 Crazy Escape v2 4 Thanks pedrotski for suggesting more lasers. p.s. I will focus on making strippers for a while.
  6. Please add following maps into the server and nomination. Page 2/2 New Luck Matters v3 1 ze_luck_matters_v3_1.bsp New No Name v1 6 ze_no_name_v1_6.bsp
  7. Please add following maps into the server and nomination. Page 1/2 Update Grau a03 4ff >> removed. New Realm v1 1 ze_realm_v1_1.bsp ze_realm_v1_1.cfg
  8. [09/08/2021] Added Deadcore s7f2 Link: ze_deadcore_s7f2.cfg (Improved)
  9. [09/08/2021] Updated 30 Seconds go v2 Updated 666 Crazy Escape v2 4 links are same.
  10. [09/05/2021] + ze_666_crazy_escape_v2_4 Link : ze_666_crazy_escape_v2_4.cfg
  11. [09/05/2021] + ze_30_seconds_go_v2 Link : ze_30_seconds_go_v2.cfg (100% I am sucks of creating new topics.)
  12. It's all here: https://github.com/Beppu-san/GCG-strippers-Beppu As soon as I finish creating the Stripper for the Map, I'll post it sequentially and connect it to this topic by replying to it.
  13. Date: 04/9/2021 Main Leader: Beppu ghostcap.com Score: 1-1 (thanks chroma faggots, 0-12 to 1-1 xd) Screenshot:
  14. [updated 08/12/2021] I did some testing in my own local server with older stripper, and I surely recognized slowness problems. And then, I fixed this problem but some value was changed for balance adjustment. - laser slowness: 0.3 -> 0.5 / beam slowness: 0.2 -> 0.33 And also I fixed some bugs which are already inside of map but I had not done before. For playing this map with no lags, I made a solution and try doing. 1. C Route: teleporter to Crystal point, D Route: after kill Boss, your ALL weapons(except guns) will remove(grenades, decoys). 2. after passing lag spots, you will be given some grenades/decoys/molotov by this stripper. I hope we can fix the lag problem with this, but I'm not sure. So I need to test the map in GCG. Cheer. ze_deadcore_s7f2.cfg namae_no_nai_kaibutsu.mp3
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