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  1. @Koen , yesterday we were playing that map with Duajaba lead. Spider boss HP is somehow bugged. - No HP bar/HP counter on boss - cannot kill boss in time ( we even tested with admin's convert zombies to human with majority m249 shooting at boss head) - 3 attempts (me , @NJOOSHY, and @Strikefirewas there to witness)
  2. Server crashed and autorestart during map change (loading) to zm_beach_city.
  3. Some object in map are showing as error boxes.
  4. Today that map crash after the boat hitting the wall , instead of wall crashing down, server did.
  5. Greetings participants and submitters, Thank you for voting for skins that will be added on z4. As announced, we will be adding top 1 skin from human and zombies as testing first and in future release we will slowwwwly add second and third place skins. Here are the winners. Human Skin top 1 most voted skin Yae Sakura Neon Shade skin (submitted by Shizuru) 39 votes Zombie Skin Top 1 most voted skin DBD The Oni ( submitted by Asradi ) 31 votes Here are Top 2 and Top 3 human skins (there are three ties in second place all 24 votes and we have decided to choose two from different category as top 2 and top 3) Zero Two (white coat) submitted by Raph 24 votes Genshin Impact Fischl submitted by Ayaya 24 votes Zombie Skin Top 2 and Top 3 Karune Shi-e (hatsune miku on crack) Submitted by https 26 votes Resident Evil Nemesis submitted by Exe 25 votes
  6. Hey what's up, Mochi here. I am glad you found our community. ZE server is our bread and butter here in our community and you can find a lot of friendly players as well. Hit us up in discord. Peace Mochi out.
  7. Date:30/9/2021 Main Leader: Mochiron Score: 1-3 Screenshot:
  8. verified - normal map - 2 points SKEM
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