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  1. Server Name: AWP BHOP GHOSTCAP Map Name: awp_sf_toy_tower this map got problem texture bug
  2. this map got problem texture bug awp_sf_toy_tower
  3. since now collision turn off >> make bhop knife op >>> need nurf knife damage ( it similar to other sv ) but for me , i like to have collision on so we can focus on use awp insted of focus knife
  4. btw this map need change version fix light ( now light very bright ) - awp_bungalow ( idk what version to change maybe @k1bes know 😛 )
  5. maybe need set afk 1-2mins got move to spec
  6. some suggestion 1. custom scoreboard icon like in ze server 2. rank show on scoreboard ( normal rank or custom rank up to u ) 3. some map that me play before awp_roost https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/awp_roost.bsp.bz2 awp_gony https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/awp_gony_final_v1.bsp.bz2 awp_kazki https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/awp_kazki_simple.bsp.bz2 awp_blocks https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/awp_blocks.bsp.bz2 awp_india https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/awp_india_csgo.bsp.bz2 awp_fort_lego https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/awp_fort_lego.bsp.bz2 4. custom spray 5. ct agents and terrorist skins
  7. zm mode i feel like playing hide and seek with zombie cuase op bhop gun do nothing - idk how about try remove the zombie classic spawn out first so human get more chance to survive ( this zombie classic spawn now make like first 20 sec make like 50% human and 50% become zombie ) ze maybe people adaping for me - i think should buff nade when less than 30-35 player we get 1 more grenade ( or we can buy 1 more ) when less player it harder cause when people trim and die become zm it make harder to def when less player if 1 die it effective than when more player
  8. please remove this old version of map out ze_silent_hill_v2_fix9 ( already has the final version on server black blood f4)
  9. i think rate is not 4 human take 4 zm it's like 4-5 human per 1 auto bhop zm or u need to buy scar or mag7 to kb them ( if in tunnel even u have 10 people if 1 zm get in auto bhop >> no kb and ruin 10 humans ) example in this video we 3 human vs 1 zm / zm only hold spacebar not even stafe still no kb or very low kb ( only some bullet that make it kb but most bullet just pass throgh only damage hp no kb ) 1670154571_3vs1zm.mp4
  10. 1. about op zm in zm maps like now i feel like play hide and seek on zm map when play human only wait time for zm kills us since the op auto bhop + 0 stamina make zombie kb low or no kb while they hold spacebar and it broke many of map hide spots can say about 90% of map hide spot got broke now i see people that wins usually hide alone or hide inside vending machine Some ideas suggestion idk but maybe if still keep autobhop - maybe need to nurf zm / buff human - or only put autobhop in big map or map that good for bhop that has space example zm_freerun zm_siberia - maybe add infection time like 5 more sec for human have more time to set their prop to block or find hide spots - how about make custom round ( see some sv make like custom random round example 1st round = normal round , 2nd = autobhop , 3rd = low grav , 4th = ... ) - (if autobhop got remove) if about op tunnel problem maybe need plugin that make zm no stack or no boost each other ( like type !stack u got unstack 10-20sec ) but idk where find lel 2. about time limit 30 minutes per map maybe too long for zm map i think ( most sv usually on 15-20 minutes ) maybe try go 25 minutes ? idk
  11. Server Name: Singapore: CS:GO Zombie Escape command to see all gcg server not working !servers , !server 201083379_2021-06-0702-52-18.mp4
  12. suggestion maybe plz add 2 more ez surf map it's harder than surf facility a bit like some surf u need to fly but still in ez surf and both map has laser at ending ze_surf_shonyudo_v1_2 ze_surf_vortex_v2_6 https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/ze_surf_shonyudo_v1_2_fix.bsp.bz2 https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/ze_surf_vortex_v2_6.bsp.bz2
  13. for me me think between both choce nerk speed to 320-330 / + knockback a bit
  14. +1 this post for nurf bhop cause now setting very hard >> zm bhop op and it broke some map lel zm long jump speed 350-380 or use advantage from kb speed 500-600 and knife human ez
  15. plz remove this map out (already has better version on server) - ze_2021_xmas ( better version = ze_2021_xmas_world )
  16. Server Name: Singapore: CS:GO Zombie Escape Map Name: map zm_freerun_tec_d1Adfix - map has some surf and it need to set air accelerate or some setting like surf map so we can do surf evading zombie or zombie can chasing human easier
  17. Server Name: Singapore: CS:GO Zombie Escape Map Name: map zm_bucket_p2 map got problem has red error box in map ( other people has this problem too )
  18. [suggestion] 1. Remove scout + awp from ze ( or only put in super chill map like boat escape or moutain , other map should restrick it ) 2. remove dance from ze - or make when 40+ player on server can't use dance - or make it only can dance when u zombie (since the old bug some roundpeople can dance after pass like 2 minutes )
  19. plz add these map ze_Ep2_Plant_b1 https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/ze_Ep2_Plant_b1.bsp.bz2 https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/ze_Ep2_Plant_b1.nav.bz2 ze_iceworld_athletic_b4_5 https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/ze_iceworld_athletic_b4_5.bsp.bz2 https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/ze_iceworld_athletic_b4_5.nav.bz2 ze_skill_escape_v09 https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/ze_skill_escape_v09.bsp.bz2 https://www.gcgfast.com/csgo/maps/ze_skill_escape_v09.nav.bz2
  20. [Suggestion] x1.5 credits gain x1.5 exp gain when 45+ player online on server ( when 1-44 = normal rate , 45-64 = x1.5 ) may help track player that like to farm credits and exp to stay and play more
  21. Server Name: Singapore: CS:GO Zombie Escape Map Name: map ze_santassination_v3 can't use item this map hard map need to use item ( heal ) maybe got problem cause entwatch broken ? ( njoo say)
  22. +1 to graphene this 2 guns maybe need increase ammo capacity 1. m4a1s 2. usp
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