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  1. Server Name: Singapore: CS:GO Zombie EscapeMap Name: zm_nexerade_htown map zm_nexerade_htown 1. many glitch spot that people can go outside under map 2. map big ( map size is like half of big minecraft that got remove out) so sad plz remove out T.T
  2. me suggest should remove !zstuck out or make it only able in ze map ( remove from zm ) problems from zstuck 1. glitch outside map 2. can go throgh some barricade or blocking item that human make block the door
  3. please add this map ze_football_go2 it's not actually zombie escape but it is minigames sport with zombie lol random 4 sports , football , water polo , ice hockey , volley ball which team score 2 first win and free knife to other team https://gamebanana.com/maps/207018 ze_football_go2.7z stripperfix_item_ze_football_go2.7z
  4. 24/01/2021 some bad zm map in my opinion that maps some same as didoz 1. zm_cubelugubre ( i like this map but see that some people complain about map dark and foggy so maybe it's bad lel) 2. zm_italy_night ( didoz don't like this map lol and since gcg have zm italy elegant which similar to this map but it's lighter and has secrets so maybe it's bad) 3. zm_lynxmetal_r_v1 ( i don't like texture lol it's sdr) 4. zm_minecraftvillage ( map too small ) 5. zm_nomercy_hospital_csgo ( map not much place to hide and 1 op door for human ) 6. zm_parish_v2
  5. please add this ze map in server ❤️ ❤️ ze_jurassic_park_story_csgo ze_jurassic_park_story_csgo.bsp.bz2_ oh this map may need longer spawn time like 5-10 more sec than normal map
  6. please add this map to nomination list (from fast dl) ❤️❤️❤️ 1. zm_beach_city 2. zm_bullet_infected_fix2 3. zm_catalyst_meow_v4 4. zm_forgotten_dust 5.zm_fogtown_v1 6. zm_infected_school_v3 7. zm_ingame_reborn_v2_fix 8. zm_nm_town_karp 9. zm_novum_csgo 10. zm_nexerade_htown 11. zm_nukepanic_beta 12. zm_school 13. zm_stormy_days 14. zm_unpanic_csgo_pf_v1 15. zm_uprugiy_xep_v26
  7. my suggestion from my opinion lol maybe bad ❤️ about nomination system i suggest make like 3 group show 1. zm maps 2. ze maps (ez - normal ) - no nead leader ez map 3. hard ze map (hard) - need leader to lead and about number all server that i play that has both ze zm make like max player for nomination zm map example like if more than 40 player in server you can't nominate zm maps and me suggest if less than 30 player in server and no one nominate anything plz make like zm map in auto slot 4 lol and me suggest try hard map cost credit to nominate lol maybe bad sugg
  8. plz add these zm maps (all have secrets ❤️❤️❤️ ) 1. zm_duke3d_l1_v1_d zm_duke3d_l1_v1_d.bsp 2. zm_clouds_v2_1_csgo zm_clouds_v2_1_csgo.bsp 3. zm_black-gs_tower (i keep bug error so i upload zip one lel) zm_black-gs_tower.bsp.bz2 4. zm_villa_lempiicka zm_villa_lempiicka.bsp 5. zm_sandtower_v3 (this map maybe bad cause it's human map lol + it's small map) zm_sandtower_v3.bsp 6. zm_downtown_fixed zm_downtown_fixed.bsp
  9. please remove this old starwar preauel out from nomination list ze_star_wars_prequel_v1 ( already have final version f1)
  10. btw this no recoi bug i still get lol but not much like play 3-5 hour get like 1 time and about 2-5 sec recoil bug
  11. Server Name: Singapore: CS:GO Zombie Escape 2 crash at map change ( map ze_ancient_wrath ** don't know what version ** and other map that crash i forgot) 1 crash while playing at ze_shroomforest2_p maybe too much player hit about 55 player in server ( not sure maybe 50 lol)
  12. 1. plz update version of ze_pc_v1 >> ze_pc_v1_1 fix bug before boss that zombie can jump knife throgh bridge - 20 minutes map ( last time that u guys test map u guys shoot top (( it's only show attack pattern )lol but boss is the box at down near floor )https://gamebanana.com/maps/213497ze_pc_v1_1.rar 2. please add this map from gamebanana ze_silent_hill_blackblood_f1 - stage 1 foggy >> mist all around - stage 2 darkky >> map so dark need to open flash light - no item only 10-15 minute per stage https://gamebanana.com/maps/209635 ze_silent_hill_blackblood_f1.zip
  13. please add these map from fast dl 1. zm_aztec_panic_v2 2. zm_bank_office_v2 3. zm_lila_city
  14. btw plz remove 1 version of minecraft v3 ( it same map i think ) zm_minecraft_v3 and zm_minecraft_v3_rw1 ( i don't know which version better )