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  1. Welcome to the community Mr. Pyro! Awesome to have you here. Just by signing up to these forums here you already are a member of GCG 🙂 Let us know in these forums if you have any requests or concerns about the game you play here with us, we'd love to hear anything you have to say. Cya in game!
  2. Great to have you around Strikefire 🙂
  3. Hello all! Ghostcap Gaming and the admin team are super excited to announce our brand new Rust Singapore 2X modded Server! Which will be going live on Friday (22/01/21). Having been over a month in the making alongside our now popular CSGO Zombies server we are finally really to promote and go live. While we are aware many of you have different opinions of what makes Rust great, from vanilla all the way up to 100X ultra heavy modded servers, we thought a good place to start would be with a 2X server that has a variety of quality of life changes along with fun mods
  4. Let us know what you feel needs to change to make the server a better place for everyone. If you feel we're doing a good job and the current settings are exactly what you'd expect a modded 2X server be, please feel free to also let us know below.
  5. Great to have you on board SammonGuns27.
  6. It's Big Brain Time.

    Big plays are about to happen with rust.



  7. I can't feel my face when i sniff glue, but i love it.
  8. Hello, GhostCap Gaming is currently setting up a handful of Rust servers and we need some passionate members to help us run them. Here are some requirements before applying: You must be over 18 years old. You must be active on our discord. You must be active on our servers. You must be logical about decision making. Previous experience is preferred, but not a necessity. If you think you have what it takes to help run a quickly growing community of dedicated Rust gamers, then comment below your application. The more effort you put into your a
  9. I can't get over how quickly the FastDL CDN works compared to everyone else. Legit insane speeds for CS.
  10. CSGO has had its ups and down from changes in game mechanics to guns and maps. However, still to this day (8 years after launch) CSGO is still hitting new records. It is because of this and our love for the game that GCG is focusing a majority of its resources on creating free, stable, and fun servers for all around the world to join. Humble beginnings From a small gaming group to a quickly growing multi-country community GCG is putting a majority of its time and effort into creating CS:GO servers that include 1v1 arenas, gun game and Zombies. Started back in early 2013 Ghost
  11. While my PC isn't in this photo i feel it displays just how much i have going on. With a MAC and NAS for storage and decoding and a big slab of server below that is running some servers. All attached to a gigabit connection. I'll be uploading my main rig soon don't you worry 😄
  12. Hello and welcome to the ARK Mega Thread. Covering the basics of what the future plans are for ARK within the GCG community. If you have any questions or comments relating to the post feel free to ask below, otherwise we encourage you to start a new thread if it's anything else. GhostCap and ARK Ark has been one of those games that is always pumped with new and exciting content but never fully released. This is what brings new people in and keeps old players playing. While not a main game that GCG has primarily focused on, we really want to dive headfirst into running some of
  13. So I'm a bit rutsy when it comes to the most recent updates of rust I have over 1600 hours since release date and would say I have a rough idea of what GCG is leaning towards for its servers. While not currently live, GCG has plans to create between 3-7 rust servers in the early 2021 timeline and we NEED your help! GhostCap and Rust With the adoption of electricity, helicopters big and small, horses and yes, facial hair, Rust has been constantly under development while almost always being a polished playable experience. So, here's how GCG fits into all of this. We will start with ser
  14. So you've been banned (or ebanned from ZE) and want to be let out from jail. Good news! You won't be left in the dark with how long you have been banned for. Each of our servers indicate who has been banned and for what length of time. Visit our Sourcebans page if you were banned in our CS:GO servers: https://sourcebans.ghostcap.com/ Visit our Ebans page if you are unable to to use entity in our ZE server: https://ebans.ghostcap.com/ How to appeal a GCG server ban? To appeal a ban you must "Start New Topic" In the subforum "Ban Appeals" and let us know why you ban should b