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  1. also pls buff the nade , since nerfed very unless on zombie , maybe slow zombie like 2-5sec and 30-50%slow effect? and have 1 free drop at spawn or dont have free drop , maxhold and rebuy is 3x i guess is good , nade rebuy cost maybe $2500-$7500 , since nerfed kb,nade and bhop settings changed , hard map going harder now , so if it changed , thanks you so much
  2. thx beppu for correct my question sry for idk grau 4ff ver no extra rtv 🙈
  3. now if you using !hide and you near leader it gonna be only outline and stuck in there leader go out or you stay away leader with the distance leader will appear again (if using !hide all map leader outline stay there till you no using !hide) that confuse some using !hide player also pls can make can enable/disable hide item user/leader for dodge laser it fixed,thank you very much~
  4. pls add ze_grau_a03_4f extra rtv stage(fys and z),really love this map dodge particle with good music
  5. no i mean like if you on the top defender list you can gain some credits but need to modification that plugin,i think that will be useful
  6. now a few ppl still doorhug,no listen and no def i think we can add top defender and can gain credits. like if you shoot def zombie is many time and many hit,when round over and you still survive you will on top defender list and gain maybe 2-10 credits?or like top 1 gain 10credits,top 2 gain 7 credits,top 3 gain 5 credits,etc. if human all die zm win is nothing happen or maybe last survive defender gain credits you want credits?just go def,if we do like this,i think more ppl will listen leader and go defend,if can do this,thank you very much~d(`・∀・)b my english is bad so maybe have some wrong means(´;ω;`)
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