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  1. pls Update this map ze_aooka_v3_t1 to ze_aooka_v3_t4a https://gamebanana.com/mods/298696
  2. HanJie

    Ban Appeal

    maybe give him last chance, i looking him training kz to help kz long jump trigger somethings,if he doing trolling,spamming gun make server crash,edging again,i wouldnt help him said something next time,maybe give this guy last chance,thanks you
  3. HanJie

    Ban Appeal

    you spamming !gun make sv crash and edging before that's why you got ban lol
  4. HanJie

    Ban Appeal

    follow this post pls, so we can decide
  5. Date: Date: 7/9/2021 Main Leader: HanJie Score: 1 - 0 Screenshot:
  6. someone already report this pls wait it it will fixed soon
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