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  1. Ah, he should've mentioned that. My experience on the map has been fine on other servers, which was why I said the map was fine. If I was given that information, I could help check the issue before hand. I'll check GitHub and see what's the issue.
  2. This version of the map is perfectly fine, and is played on other major servers like GFL and Zeddy. I see no issue with the map.
  3. Pedrotski made it very clear that the move to Z4 would include wiping many things before hand. He has already stated (on discord) that several things will not be coming back. I have nothing else to say except "Press F to pay respects" 誰叫你不讀discord通知哈哈哈
  4. I'm not exactly sure what's causing this issue. It works fine on other servers, with little (like 1-3) to no crashes reported.
  5. Update all strippers and vscripts to that from GFL GitHub. I believe this issue should've been fixed.
  6. This is due to the latest CSGO update breaking certain parts of the game engine, resulting in several maps spitting this error. Unfortunately, there's no proper fix besides a workaround to prevent the console spam from lagging the shit out of your game. Edit: Luffaren did manage to find the issue and has created a fix for it.
  7. Map still runs perfectly fine on GFL with the latest stripper and vscripts from GFL GitHub. Have you made any modifications recently that broke the map?
  8. Without a crash log, I don't know what's the issue with the map. And by "unplayable" what do you mean? Server lags too hard? Items are missing? etc. Need more info.
  9. The version of the map you posted is an outdated version. It's known to have several bugs, and hence servers play ze_otakuroom_v5_6_ps.
  10. I am new to ZE, how do I play?
  11. Seems like server issue then. The exact same fix is used on several other servers with no lag/issues. The lag is probably caused by something else on the server. I asked njooshy about the anti stack damage, and I was told it lagged the server, which is why it was removed. Anti-stack damage and knife-collision fix shouldn't be causing the lag, but something else it. Numerous other servers use the same plugins/extensions/fixes, but only you seem to be having this issue.
  12. Some maps require stripper/entwatch. Unless you have the files to give to them, some maps will be hard/unplayable without them.
  13. Solgryn v2 is out, but make sure to use the new stripper. Issue fixed.
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