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  1. still shotgun is a big no no gun for ze most of map are wide area not close range defend if most of ppl using shotgun it would be troublesome, they gonna got fed up using it even in bossfight , really need to hug boss with that pellet recoil
  2. i guess its time to bring back feature like this Molotov cost : $16k since its OP and its a great utility for hard defend map without item with this current KB Decoy cost : $6k / $7k and not have free drop at spawn , max hold or rebuy is 2x maybe? Good things for this economy system is to makes ppl defends more to get utility as a weapon to used in defends map , most of the time everyone money is not used for something like this , they just stick to 1 guns and rebuy nades decoy with cheap prices
  3. Please updates this version : ze_ffxii_mt_bur_omisace_v5_2 > ze_ffxii_mt_bur_omisace_v5_3 ze_jjba_v6 > ze_jjba_v6f
  4. @J_Oyl Jaa btw boss dmg is not based on dmg its based on bullets , xm has many pelets in one shot thats why its monster if has infinite ammo and shoot close range in harrypotter , modified dmg does nothing to boss at all dmg still taken by each bullet 1pelets = 1 hp you can test it by yourself if u want
  5. bruh using shotgun like xm good if has infinite ammo like harrypotter strat , however shotgun in ze is not a good option
  6. Latest nj scripts coming

    indihome paket phoenix meme.jpg

    1. NJOOSHY




  7. just use sawedoff and mag7 on tunnel , its kinda fair to tunnel camper to get smashed btw its gay and op spot even with 10 zm cannot penetrate it with 3 human ,try get shotgun
  8. oh this pepega @Sparky is this a joke
  9. ya its only 2 days lets see how it goes... , its just that its a big change ppl not adapt yet ( for me its normal if you css player ) like nades changes , oh ya i forgot to add option 3 . buff nades ( but the gameplay will focus on utility more if no more utility we screwed in long map )
  10. rn i see if someone become zm they not left , but tryhard ( its better than he left btw ) , thats the gameplay they tryhard bcs they want win we need to undersand zm side sometimes lol like u say zm stay more rn bcs now stamina is 0 no more zm cannot jump
  11. but idk , my old mates from css like it but kinda regret too lol bcs csgo bhop if you fail jump you can still got 70% current fast speed, while in css u literaly can't bhop need to walk and bhop , i feels play css again , theres 2 option 1. keep bhop setting , ++ knockback 2. nerf bhop vel cap , but not change kb
  12. yah i get gameplay rn is weak at runn and defend map , like when u play as a human shoot and walk is your choice , while zm can bhop to 370 vel max (bhop 360 cap + airstafe= + 20 vel unit ) is op alrd , if its css this is normal but csgo man u fail jump your speed is not slowed unlike css u need to keep your perfect jump all the time , bhop vel back to 300 but stamina 0 is good i think ( since many pll complains abt zm cannot jump once they got hit by many bullets)
  13. oooo rune welcome to ghostcap hahah , if you still remember me on css gfl lel
  14. just add credits when rounds end only small amout of credits will do , just to makes our regular defend alot than doorhug dance lol