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  1. Nothing changed , its just strangly happen yesterday
  2. we just encountered some bug that is completely unplayable for some reason after we finish warmup we stuck on black room and not get Teleported to stages 1 , this bug happen everytime even after i restart round or force change stages from admin room
  3. on this stages 3 everyone got lag to 10~12 fps happen to most of players and spammed console i think this because valve updates either mapper or valve fix it by themself
  4. Thanka for reporting , i just noticed theres an updated config that should fix this issues
  5. HI there , thank you for apply eban appeal honestly i dont want to perma eban somebody but i had to do my job , i hope you can learn from your mistakes and make sure you use item wisely and listen to the leader more 🙂 Tips : if you have hard time hearing a leader simply use !stopsound and !music 0 so you can hear nothing but leader , cheers
  6. Please add ze surf easy its NEW MAP Easy surf with fun boss and surf also good for training people doing surf one side https://gamebanana.com/mods/321794
  7. You missuses item so many times already, it's not your 1st time all people scream at you and you wont listen caused whole team dying couple of times
  8. Please add new map ze_uchiha_legacy_cm2_fix Stripper : https://github.com/pedrotski/Zombie-Escape-Configs-CS-GO/blob/master/Strippers/ze_Uchiha_Legacy_cm2_fix.cfg Entwatch : https://github.com/pedrotski/Zombie-Escape-Configs-CS-GO/blob/master/Entwatch/ze_uchiha_legacy_cm2_fix.cfg ze_Uchiha_Legacy_cm2_fix.bsp
  9. Please Add new map ze_aot_trost_v5 : ze_aot_trost_v5 < files Entwatch : ze_aot_trost_v5 < Entwatch
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