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  1. Have you ever got stuck in the Nether that you can't go back in the portal since it's broken by a Ghast? Well your in luck because I have a solution for you! PORTAL BROKEN BY AN ENTITY : ( The portal should look like a fully built protal that is unlit meaning it doesn't have the purple effects on it ) So a portal that is broken by an entity like Ghast's fireball or a primed TNT exploded near it and you don't have anything to reignite it? Well here's a solution for you! In order to reignite you need an item called FIRE CHARGE in order to get FIRE CHARGE you need GUNPOWDER, COAL, BLAZE POWDER. GUNPOWDER from GHASTS or in CHESTs. COAL from WITHERED SKELETON or in CHESTs. BLAZE POWDER from BLAZE put it on the crafting grid. After crafting FIRE CHARGE simply right click on the portal frame on how you would ignite the portal when using a flint and steel.
  2. sg1.ghostcap.com:25570 : Server IP This server is an unmoderated server but I'd like to implement a couple of rules. ( Here are the following ) 1. Follow GCG community Guideline rules. 2. Any form of client based hacks are not allowed. 3. No use of Baritone Bots 4. No racial slurs on in-game chat The following interaction are allowed such as. 1. Griefing 2. PVP 3. Giving away other peoples coordinates. 4. Stealing
  3. Jooshy join server and gib netherite yes?
  4. Man if Nether Roof is allowed we be making gold farms ( haven't tried going to the roof yet )
  5. Need any help about Minecraft Mechanics just ask me at https://forums.ghostcap.com/forum, or on discord @SpyderLounge#9980. Any question from Villager trade, Mob Spawn, World Chunks, Mob FARMs from EXP to AFK ( This Include Spawner based mob farms ), Villager Breeder Lay-out/Schematic, Iron Farm, and More.
  6. Huhuhu me can't flex rank during live match ;-;
  7. Well instead of a competitive round how about we make it similar to a casual round. Where kills give %50 profit, only 1 flashbang can be carried, maximum of 3 grenades can be carried, and already purchased Helmet and Kevlar. But I think this require a new dedicated server.
  8. So I have thought of this idea a competitive match like GCL, or competitive mode in general. A competitive match but there's a twist. There will be a random game mode given on a match whether that is Knife-Only round, One Flash Flash all, 1 HP round. So this idea came to me when I watched one of NadeKings video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oTVq8IyVVk&t=264s ). So in the video you can see that if ONE of the members of either T or CT got flashed, burned, or being damage by a grenade all the other 4 members of the team receive the same thing. But instead of only One Flash Flash all 'gamemode' we can have variety like the ones above, for example the first round of faceit where you knife on a first round but imagine getting a knife only round randomly of course the weapons bought on the previous round is kept but can't be use the only weapon to be use are knives. About the 1 HP round it's self-explanatory really you start a round with only 1 HP! this can make pretty unique strategy like throw grenades, molotovs/incendiary play, FLASHBANG kills. ( But can be pretty broken ). There are more like Snipers Only where only Sniper Rifles are allowed ( Scout, G3SG1, SCAR - H, and the Godly AWP ) we all know that the 'automatic sniper rifles and the AWP cost a lot of money $5000 for the Automatic Rifles and $4750 for the AWP it would be fair to lower the prices of the weapons or not, if cannot be bought players can use pistols instead for a potential ECO play or Players are not able to buy any. Pistols only as you can guess pistols are the only weapons to be used previously owned primary weapons are kept for this round but cannot be use by the player nor do any damage using it. A CZ-75 can be good secondary if you know how to spray using it. Also Shot-guns only, this might be a pretty fun gamemode to have since a single hit using a shotgun in a point blank range can easily kill an enemy player. Pistols can be use by the player aswell in-case the first round started off with a shotgun only. Random caliber gamemode this is a bit more complex well since guns in CS : GO uses different kind of caliber whether that be 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm, .50mm. What if let's say a Glock-17 has the damage of an AWP meaning a single shot to the body can instantly kill an enemy player I don't know if recoil can be change or not but if it can be change it can be less broken depending on what caliber it uses. Here is a video on of Nadekings video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryBCeToyyVA&t=28s ) but here they use custom weapons. Those are my ideas on this 'gamemode' for a competitive match. If you have anything to add please feel free to reply/comment on this thread.
  9. I just noticed that discord had a new icon near the emoji and gif area and it's called STICKERS, I'm hoping that the GCG discord server would get it's own stickers.
  10. Some one said to me that I need to show the download history that I just downloaded it today.
  11. well it shouldn't be able to detect cuzz right after I got banned from discord I quit the game and uninstalled everything that includes the cheats and logged in on my main account.
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