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  1. I'm kidding. One of the team will be in touch :)
  2. Latest nj scripts coming

    indihome paket phoenix meme.jpg

    1. NJOOSHY




  3. From what we are seeing its 4 humans to take on 4 zombies, that's what's actually balanced. Having hidden spots not be OP is a good thing as it makes the map more fair for everyone. We are going to see how it plays out over the next few weeks before we make a decision.
  4. Cant change hide to disable or enable item user. And nothing will be changed about this leader plugin as its only a temporary plugin for us.
  5. We have changed our policy on bans. Ban has been appealed.
  6. We will reduce your ban since you made an appeal and owned up to your mistake. It has been reduced to 1 week from today.
  7. Yeah its actually not put on the servers yet haha. Sorry about that. I noticed it was in the ads still after upload. A full roll out of servers ads (hints) and server hop (!servers) will be done within the next week or 2.
  8. I appreciate owning up to the fact that you cheated. However this SteamID doesn't match anything we have in our bans database.
  9. Maps are updated again fellas! Stripper has also been updated for ze_ffxii_mt_bur_omisace_v5_2 Recently Added Maps: 6/6/2021: ze_angelbeats_guild_v2_1 ze_bioshock_v7_1_csgo_a2 ze_chroma_v0_4_csgo5 ze_DarkRepulsorPalace_V2_1_4 ze_laserend_v1 ze_lightnight_v1_4fix_hdr ze_lux_umbra_v1 ze_m_the_final_v1_4 ze_noob_too_easy_v2_t2 ze_scp_containment_breach_v1_b02_cm4 ze_silent_hill_v2_fix9 ze_temple_of_phantom_v13 ze_tenkinoko_welkin_v1_6f ze_the_end_v2_2f ze_the_new_era_of_crazy_escape_b6
  10. Look good guys. I'll get them tested and uploaded on the next map push! :D
  11. Maps have been updated! Enjoy! Recently Added Maps: 2/6/2021: ze_666_crazy_escape_v2_4 ze_Ancient_Wrath_v2_test27_cm1 ze_cowboy_island_b1 ze_CYBERDERP_p3_KIA ze_Dead_Planet_Escape_b09 ze_ffxii_mt_bur_omisace_v5_2 ze_grey_world_v1 ze_outpost_escape_k1 ze_sit_caelum_paradisus_b7_hdr ze_silent_hill_2_illusion_b4 ze_sky_fantasy_v1_4 ze_surf_facility_p4
  12. Yeah i find it normal too. Im going to reintroduce fast reload but it lasts 24 hours again too. Also shields did get a 10x buff too.