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  1. All these will be uploaded in about 30 mins. The rest will be updated later today.
  2. We did modify it but it wasn't enough. It will be removed from Humans in Z3 for ZM mode.
  3. You can literally see, you were banned in Discord after you change your name to an offensive name and blew up the server. Just stop before your perma banned from the forums and all our servers. This is your last chance. I know you're upset, but cool off and submit an appeal . If not, best of luck 👍
  4. Stop lying. We have logs. You were banned 3 mins after you changed your name.
  5. We have been more than reasonable. If you have issues submit a ban appeal.
  6. We rolled back an update earlier. You lost XP. Sorry. We are not going to give you credits because you lost XP, as you never lost any credits anyway. That being said. In about a week or two all XP, ranks and credits are being wiped any way. So really its no big deal right now. You were told this. You ignored what we were saying to you and you kept wanting to argue. I was willing to ignore that so I muted you on Discord but then you changed your name to "Fuck you server" and started blowing up in game chat. This is why you were banned. https://forums.ghostcap.com
  7. This is coming in Z3 or Z4. Not 100% sure yet when we will release it.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, this is already coming in Z3....... kind of. Just ZM and ZE sections. As to sort through the ez and hard maps, someone would have to go through our map list manually.
  9. Thats odd. All I can think of is that map is old. Ill remove it from rotation. Thanks man!
  10. Found the error. Its to do with the bosshud. It has been removed for now. Thanks!
  11. It was ancient wrath and boat escape. They have been delted. With shoom, What actually happened? Did it crash on load? First round etc?
  12. Today marks the 1 month since GhostCap Gaming has re-launched with our Zombie Escape server launch event. You guys have done a hell of a job getting that server from rank 14000 to rank 280 in 1 month on game tracker. Well done! It's all because of you guys! Of course there have been some issues, but we hope they should all be resolved in our upcoming Z3 update. Thanks for comparing up to servers that have been around for 5 years, but its only early days for us 🙂 It has always been our goal of GCG (and my personal goal since I started my first gaming community in 2006) to h