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  2. New Map: ze_no_name_v1_6 -> https://gamebanana.com/mods/292961 Pls update this map: ze_copy_escape_v2_2 -> https://gamebanana.com/mods/79642
  3. Last week
  4. Username: GwarGuraHacxs (SpyderLounge #9980) Steam ID https://steamcommunity.com/id/HacXs/ Time spent on our servers: Over 80+ hours if I recall correctly (That was before I got banned for doing some 'stuff' offline) Why do you want to join the GCG team?: To help and guide players that are new to ZE, Help mute/kick bad/toxic/troll players that are on the server, And to live up the server when it's not having any excitement to it. Have you ever been an admin on another server?: This would be my first one aside from my own discord server
  5. also pls buff the nade , since nerfed very unless on zombie , maybe slow zombie like 2-5sec and 30-50%slow effect? and have 1 free drop at spawn or dont have free drop , maxhold and rebuy is 3x i guess is good , nade rebuy cost maybe $2500-$7500 , since nerfed kb,nade and bhop settings changed , hard map going harder now , so if it changed , thanks you so much
  6. still shotgun is a big no no gun for ze most of map are wide area not close range defend if most of ppl using shotgun it would be troublesome, they gonna got fed up using it even in bossfight , really need to hug boss with that pellet recoil
  7. 2021 New Maps #1 ze_1hp_just: 1HP only. Knives only. 10 Automatic Different Level System. 2 Minute Survival. #2 ze_praetorians_p2: 3 Level System Easy Normal And Hard. Tall And Big. Best Farm Points Map 🙂 #3 Coming Soon: zm_mgm: Links: 1- https://www.mediafire.com/download/0gk26f09zhi8h8v 2- https://www.mediafire.com/download/o1rndxp97ajvlfp 3-
  8. The reason to modify damage it's for shotgun against the zombie, the maximum damage of nova still a little when you shoot as zombie. The main idea is buffing shotgun damage is to make it more useful against zombie. about that adapt to boss fight part, yep mechanic of game is designed in the that way in the first place. but as I say we can adapt it in other way which not really related to "gun damage" stuff. the boss that you said 1 bullet = 1 hp probably using math_counter method, but the boss that use func_breakable health is completely different.
  9. I'm kidding. One of the team will be in touch :)
  10. Username:PuroYui Steam ID https://steamid.io/: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198864368928/ Time spent on our servers:641+ hours Why do you want to join the GCG team?:I want to help out GCG community by guiding new players on how to play ze and muting/punishing mic spammers and trollers . Have you ever been an admin on another server?: No, i haven't been an admin before .
  11. Earlier
  12. i guess its time to bring back feature like this Molotov cost : $16k since its OP and its a great utility for hard defend map without item with this current KB Decoy cost : $6k / $7k and not have free drop at spawn , max hold or rebuy is 2x maybe? Good things for this economy system is to makes ppl defends more to get utility as a weapon to used in defends map , most of the time everyone money is not used for something like this , they just stick to 1 guns and rebuy nades decoy with cheap prices
  13. Please updates this version : ze_ffxii_mt_bur_omisace_v5_2 > ze_ffxii_mt_bur_omisace_v5_3 ze_jjba_v6 > ze_jjba_v6f
  14. @J_Oyl Jaa btw boss dmg is not based on dmg its based on bullets , xm has many pelets in one shot thats why its monster if has infinite ammo and shoot close range in harrypotter , modified dmg does nothing to boss at all dmg still taken by each bullet 1pelets = 1 hp you can test it by yourself if u want
  15. bruh using shotgun like xm good if has infinite ammo like harrypotter strat , however shotgun in ze is not a good option
  16. Latest nj scripts coming

    indihome paket phoenix meme.jpg

    1. NJOOSHY




  17. It is possible to increase shotgun damage with plugin. And it also possible that we can adapt that to the boss fight where you don't have to use only smg.
  18. This suggestion is based on this comment in that topic. My main opinion will not change: Adding zombie teleport point after D route boss died. And I finally found an editor for making strippers, so I made an own stripper, that is based on Knightmare stripper, for GCG. In this stripper, I ONLY add this one: zombie teleport point after D route boss died. In original version(v1_3 series), there is zombie teleport point after humans get teleport in that part. But s7f2(ported from CS:S) version does not have this. That's why I ask please adding a ze_deadcore_s7f2 stripper.
  19. just use sawedoff and mag7 on tunnel , its kinda fair to tunnel camper to get smashed btw its gay and op spot even with 10 zm cannot penetrate it with 3 human ,try get shotgun
  20. new map update released, now this bug has been fixed https://gamebanana.com/mods/286757
  21. This is not suggestion, just the idea that I adapt from other server. The grenade napalm only give player a cash when detonated it. The player always get a cash every single time when they do damage with their weapon right? and when zombie die from burning napalm the kill feed will show that zombie get killed from grenade. So the idea is player can also earn cash from the damage napalm burning on zombie too. Since there are natives and apis available on ZR Grenade Effects the implement is easy one. Using API on Grenade Ignited and create repeat timer that player can earn cas
  22. thx beppu for correct my question sry for idk grau 4ff ver no extra rtv 🙈
  23. i think rate is not 4 human take 4 zm it's like 4-5 human per 1 auto bhop zm or u need to buy scar or mag7 to kb them ( if in tunnel even u have 10 people if 1 zm get in auto bhop >> no kb and ruin 10 humans ) example in this video we 3 human vs 1 zm / zm only hold spacebar not even stafe still no kb or very low kb ( only some bullet that make it kb but most bullet just pass throgh only damage hp no kb ) 1670154571_3vs1zm.mp4
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