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  2. Server Name: Singapore: CS:GO Zombie EscapeMap Name: zm_nexerade_htown map zm_nexerade_htown 1. many glitch spot that people can go outside under map 2. map big ( map size is like half of big minecraft that got remove out) so sad plz remove out T.T
  3. Today
  4. All these will be uploaded in about 30 mins. The rest will be updated later today.
  5. We did modify it but it wasn't enough. It will be removed from Humans in Z3 for ZM mode.
  6. me suggest should remove !zstuck out or make it only able in ze map ( remove from zm ) problems from zstuck 1. glitch outside map 2. can go throgh some barricade or blocking item that human make block the door
  7. add new map! > ze_l4d2_c1m3_mall_csgo_v0_2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/12quHje3G5cFAP4nLGJzvxVydm-mcXULd/
  8. Yesterday
  9. please add this map ze_football_go2 it's not actually zombie escape but it is minigames sport with zombie lol random 4 sports , football , water polo , ice hockey , volley ball which team score 2 first win and free knife to other team https://gamebanana.com/maps/207018 ze_football_go2.7z stripperfix_item_ze_football_go2.7z
  10. Last week
  11. 24/01/2021 some bad zm map in my opinion that maps some same as didoz 1. zm_cubelugubre ( i like this map but see that some people complain about map dark and foggy so maybe it's bad lel) 2. zm_italy_night ( didoz don't like this map lol and since gcg have zm italy elegant which similar to this map but it's lighter and has secrets so maybe it's bad) 3. zm_lynxmetal_r_v1 ( i don't like texture lol it's sdr) 4. zm_minecraftvillage ( map too small ) 5. zm_nomercy_hospital_csgo ( map not much place to hide and 1 op door for human ) 6. zm_parish_v2
  12. https://gamebanana.com/maps/190254 add this map :3 it a Zm_mirage_13
  13. please add this ze map in server ❤️ ❤️ ze_jurassic_park_story_csgo ze_jurassic_park_story_csgo.bsp.bz2_ oh this map may need longer spawn time like 5-10 more sec than normal map
  14. please add this map to nomination list (from fast dl) ❤️❤️❤️ 1. zm_beach_city 2. zm_bullet_infected_fix2 3. zm_catalyst_meow_v4 4. zm_forgotten_dust 5.zm_fogtown_v1 6. zm_infected_school_v3 7. zm_ingame_reborn_v2_fix 8. zm_nm_town_karp 9. zm_novum_csgo 10. zm_nexerade_htown 11. zm_nukepanic_beta 12. zm_school 13. zm_stormy_days 14. zm_unpanic_csgo_pf_v1 15. zm_uprugiy_xep_v26
  15. That game I played in a bad way :)) I have multiple personalities that is something I know from everyone. I don't know what I like about this csgo game
  16. I think you did not understand that Me and some people came from THE Vietnamese ZE Group. Instead of being unreasonable about it and hate everything because you lost some little XP that barely anyone cares about, Why dont you just politely find a group that you can grow your seed on and stay as this group you deemed are not "Good" Enough for you. This little bit of stuff and you caused a giant ruckuss about it, If you ever purchased a game called Escape from Tarkov, you will know that everything you earned does'nt matter as it will be gone with the Game that has constant Inventory and Level Wi
  17. Tôi thực sự không biết tiếng Anh và nơi để khiếu nại Mọi người đều có một con quỷ bên trong khi nó mới xuất hiện I am really sorry
  18. You can literally see, you were banned in Discord after you change your name to an offensive name and blew up the server. Just stop before your perma banned from the forums and all our servers. This is your last chance. I know you're upset, but cool off and submit an appeal . If not, best of luck 👍
  19. I don't want to get angry or have offensive words to unrelated people because they are not guilty
  20. No one is crazy to curse to eat at all. I was banned before I cursed that way I am a good student? Not the idiot who can't think one ha
  21. what i can see on the evidence all you say is a big lie
  22. Great when you do not know any English at all Quite trash, right
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